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Korean media: North Korea to launch a satellite to a Andouble original title: North Korea star triggered public opinion warfare Korean media said North Korea on the parties to the Security Council resolution attitude [Global Times reported] "the reason why North Korea in the same period of repeated nuclear test and missile delivery means, intention is to improve the response to the United States’ nuclear threat. Big confrontation with the United States’ identity". Japan’s economic news network said on the 3, in addition, it also shows that North Korea hopes to disrupt the Sino US between the full launch of the nuclear test sanctions discussion. Wu Dawei, the special representative of China’s Korean Peninsula, is the first senior Chinese official to visit North Korea after the DPRK’s nuclear test. Under the background of demanding strict sanctions against the DPRK, Wu Dawei will consult with the DPRK government on the issue of nuclear and missile from February 2nd to 3. At the time of Wu Dawei’s visit, the DPRK announced that it would launch "satellite" of missiles in fact, and China’s attitude was highly concerned. The DPRK suddenly announced that the satellite launch plan had evolved into a public opinion war among all parties. Korea Niuxi Si news agency said 3 days, the North Korea may also have invited foreign journalists to the launch site for viewing reports, in order to lay the international public opinion war. Yonhap 3, worries that the DPRK’s satellite launch made Andouble smile, the future to the North Korean threat as an excuse to revise the pacifist constitution of Japan is likely to accelerate action. At present, the Japanese right-wing forces is by the North Korean nuclear test satellite launch encountered major threat in the whole society to create atmosphere, and to ensure the safety of Japanese Constitutional Amendment needs diffusion theory. Broadcasting British Corporation BBC said North Korea to launch provocation is carefully planned, "for the North Koreans, split between China and the United States is the most ideal situation." South Korean MBC television said 3 different with the previous North Korean nuclear test and launch a longer time in the North Korea nuclear test after a month to launch a satellite. North Korea may try to find out all the parties’ views on the Security Council resolution, and do not exclude the possibility that the DPRK will adjust its launching time after the resolution is put out. Russian news agency quoted 3 Korean experts on the issue, saying that the move is very dangerous. If the rocket falls into South Korea or other countries, it will lead to serious consequences, resulting in further deterioration of the situation in Northeast asia. Now North Korea is desperate and will lose its way out. The article says that, unlike nuclear tests, the launch of the DPRK cannot be clearly seen as a violation of international law. The international law provides that any country has the right to explore space peacefully. But some countries want to use this event to create tensions to carry out military, political and diplomatic games. In any case, the launch of satellites after nuclear tests would cause tension on the peninsula. [Global Times correspondent Zhou Zhiran Li Xiaohong Wang Jun Li Zhen Shuangcheng Ji Tao short housing Aoki Global Times reporter Tan Furong Chen straight Yiliu] editor: Liu Debin SN222

韩媒:朝鲜欲发射卫星让安倍喜笑颜开   原标题:朝鲜射星引发舆论战 韩媒称朝试探各方对安理会决议案态度   【环球时报综合报道】“朝鲜之所以在同一时期重复进行核试验和投送手段的导弹发射,意图是提高应对美国的威胁,以‘核大国’身份与美国展开交锋”。日本经济新闻网3日称,除此之外,还显示出朝鲜希望扰乱中美之间正全面启动的针对核试验的制裁讨论。报道称,中国朝鲜半岛问题特别代表武大伟是首位朝鲜核试验以后访问朝鲜的中国高官。在美国等要求对朝鲜实施严厉制裁的背景下,武大伟将在2月2日到3日与朝鲜政府就核与导弹问题进行磋商。在武大伟访问同时,朝鲜预告将发射事实上是导弹的“卫星”,中国的态度备受关注。   朝鲜这次突然宣布卫星发射计划显然演变成了一场各方的舆论战。韩国纽西斯通讯社3日称,这次朝鲜也有可能大举邀请外媒记者到发射现场进行观看报道,以打好国际舆论战。韩联社3日则担忧地称,朝鲜射星举动让安倍喜笑颜开,未来以朝鲜威胁为借口修改日本和平宪法的行动有可能加快。目前日本右翼势力正在借朝鲜核试射星在全社会营造遇到重大威胁的氛围,并极力扩散需要确保日本安全的修宪论。   英国广播公司BBC称,朝鲜继续发动挑衅是经过精心策划的,“对于朝鲜来说,中美之间的分裂是最理想的情况。”   韩国MBC电视台3日称,与前几次朝鲜核试验和火箭发射相隔较长时间不同,这次朝鲜在核试后一个月就打算发卫星。朝鲜可能是试探各方对安理会决议案的态度,不排除决议出炉后朝鲜调整发射时机的可能。   俄新社3日引述朝鲜半岛问题专家的话称,朝鲜此举十分危险。如果火箭落到韩国或其他国家境内,将引发严重后果,从而造成东北亚局势进一步恶化。现在朝鲜在孤注一掷,将让自己失去退路。文章称,虽然与核试验不同,朝鲜发射火箭不能被明确视为违反国际法。国际法规定任何国家都有权和平探索太空。但一些国家希望利用这一事件制造紧张局势,以进行军事、政治和外交博弈。无论如何,在核试验后再发射卫星,都会造成半岛局势紧张。   【环球时报驻外记者 周之然 李晓宏 王军 李珍 纪双城 青木 陶短房 环球时报记者 谭福榕 陈一 柳直】 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: