Lang Xianping and former girlfriend broke off to recover the property and make its liabilities 9 mil mide-031

Lang Xianping and his former girlfriend break: recover and make the debt of 9 million real estate financial Sohu – original title: ex girlfriend break, Lang Xianping is not only a lawsuit to recover the property, but also to make her a debt of 9 million sources: public number "the Beijing news company confidential" Author: Six older children known as "the most dare to say that Professor Lang Xianping Lang economists said the truth", recently once again caught in the whirlpool of public opinion. And before the "pan" and "Kuailu" outside the platform attracted aunt angrily, "Lang whirlwind" and a woman’s story of a small material of gossip.   2 Lang Xianping began a deal, the professor will eat 9 million company confidential (ID:high3c) from the China referee instruments online, Lang Xianping and a woman named Miu Jiejing due to contract dispute, the court openly tore open. There are public information, the Miu Jiejing was born in 1980 was an air hostess, Lang Lang’s former girlfriend. Previously, the Shanghai Baoshan District people’s court found that in 2012, Lang Xianping to the Shanghai Xinyuan Culture Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Xinyuan company") to buy Copper statues, bronze statues, like the master, Ali area of Tibet Cheng Conglin paintings and Qing Luodian mahogany furniture seven sets, a total payment of 16 million yuan. Professor Lang Minsheng Bank to pay 9 million of the first payment, but the goods have not been delivered. Cyclone Lang always dare to speak the truth, angrily to each other to court, request to terminate the contract for the sale and ordered the Xinyuan company to return the purchase price of 9 million yuan, have to pay the interest, Miu Jiejing bear joint liabilities for the aforesaid repayment obligations. Why not put Jiejing to Professor Lang Miao? In fact, Xinyuan company is a limited liability company (NATURAL owned), founded in May 2011, the legal representative of Jiejing Miao people. Miu Jiejing is certainly not, the said really received the payment, but the day has been in accordance with the instructions of the Lang Xianping will be the money transferred to the outsider Shanghai Cohen Xinhao investment management company. Lang Xianping Department of the actual use of money. Miu Jiejing said that the sale of the contract and she has nothing to do with me. (Xinyuan company business information)   Shanghai Cohen Xinhao investment management company is what position? According to Xin source company broke the news that the actual management of the company is Lang Xianping relatives. The company registered a trademark called "Lang fund", which is well known in the financial circles. Other public information, the company’s general manager for Lang Xianping’s son, Lang Shiwei.   for this case, the court of first instance of the source of repayment. Professor Lang refused to accept, said Xin source company as a limited company, the shareholders should prove that the company’s property is independent of the shareholders’ property, or should bear joint and several liability for the debt. Finally, the professor agreed for instance. Xinyuan company registered capital of only 100 thousand yuan, in theory at least 9 million Miu Jiejing bear 8 million 900 thousand of the refund. After the estimation of the matter, the whole person is not good. For the delivery of the property, Professor Lang won a lawsuit in a few things is not so simple. She and Professor Lang’s lawsuit also hit"相关的主题文章: