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Ethics If you find yourself giving advice to your friends and family on a variety of topics, you might consider a career as a life coach. Being a life coach is all about helping other people learn how to lead better lives and feel better about themselves. Sometimes people get confused about life, and a life coach can help them learn the secret to being successful. Be.ing a life coach could be a life change for you too. There are thousands of books and DVDs out there for individuals to help improve themselves. You probably see them all the time. If you find yourself reading self-improvement books to learn the secret of living, even as you’ve already improved in your own life, you can probably bet you have a lot of knowledge to offer others. Is It Worth It? It can be. Some coaches are making over $3000 a month working part time as a life coach. If you’re in it for the money only, however, don’t bother. Your clients are more than likely going to be executives and professionals themselves. Your clients are smart and they can tell if you’re serious about helping them, or you’re just interesting in taking their money. If they don’t feel they are getting results, they’ll take their business elsewhere. You’ll need to find your own motivation for be.ing a life coach. Teaching is as much about giving as well as receiving. When you decide to be.e a life coach, you’re sharing yourself and your passion for life with others. Take time to identify if you feel up to the challenge. That’s really what life coaching is. Challenging yourself to challenge others. Be.ing a Life Coach Officially, there are no requirements to be.ing a life coach. Anyone could write up a business plan, print out some business cards, put up a website and claim to be a life coach. Scary thought, right? While there is no official certification for be.ing a life coach, just deciding to be.e one is probably not a good idea. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could build the wrong sort of reputation. You could hurt your clients if you fail to give them the correct advice or you don’t know how to handle a certain situation. If you’ve watched a DVD or two, read a couple of books, listened to the secret of one guru or another, they all have something in .mon. They have a belief system of some form in place. Their own mantra, something that worked for them and they are teaching to others. It might not be something new, but it is reworked and exciting to them. They want to share it with others. It seems so easy. Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation on your part, and knowing how to teach others. How do you get beyond simply wanting to share and knowing how to do so? You can be taught to teach. There are lessons you can take, many of them online, on how to be a life coach. You’ll feel more .fortable being a life coach if you know what other life coaches do that is successful. This isn’t just about how to market for clients and how to get one to buy into your program. It is about finding a program that works and how to find success with each client, so they continue working with you. A life coach can motivate people to do amazing things, but only if you know what you are doing. Lessons for a Life Coach When you feel ready to be.e a life coach, your next step is to evaluate how you’ll learn to be.e one. There are many programs to learn from. You’ll need to research a few things before purchasing a program. Does the creator of the life coach program hold the same beliefs you do? Does the creator have verifiable experience being a life coach? Does the life coach seem to be able to express ideas clearly? A number of other questions could .e up when you are looking for someone to teach you. You need someone who is just as much as a mentor as a life coach. It’s important to do as much research about the coach who will teach you. What’s the next step? Find a strategy that will work for you. Pick out a lesson plan that will motivate you into be.ing the kind of life coach you want to be. Whether you prefer reading a book, watching a DVD or going one on one with a life coach to find the right secrets and strategies will work for you, the choice is yours. Picking the right motivator, you could find yourself working with a coach that will walk you through the entire process. It also helps to have a colleague or two that you can ask questions to when you have clients. No matter what, listen to yourself. This is your challenge to yourself to be.e a life coach, to lead a better life for yourself by helping other people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: