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Leave the police car thief Kuangzhui shopping in the streets staged a "gangster film" – Sichuan Beijing Deyang news network August 30th news (Wu Weiqiang reporter Zhou Hong) these days, Deyang a small catch video quite interesting. Today, the Sichuan news network reporter from Jingyang District Public Security Bureau was informed that the original is a vacation auxiliary shopping found stealing cars, eventually arrested him. The police vacation with the family shopping street man stole the car it is understood that this is the Tianyuan police station police leave Xiao hao. The afternoon of August 26th, he accompanied the family to a mobile phone shop in downtown. At this time, see a shop next door is the decoration of the staff across the glass shops outside a middle-aged man shouted at. "The man was standing beside the 3 mountain bike. He was holding something on his bike." Xiao Hao immediately judge the man may be stealing bicycles, ready to stop immediately. When the man saw someone approaching, he stood up and ran. Xiao Hao immediately caught up, to the West District, in a public help, this man was caught, and he found a scissors body. And then return to the shops and a member of the public with the man. Xiao Hao said, see the bicycle lock has been cut, and then hit the phone alarm. Addict car theft was the punishment as "gangster films in Hong Kong, the police chase." Xiao Hao this scene was seen by many people, some also took down with a cell phone. "4 in the afternoon, I in the Yangtze River Road two saw a man dressed in a running outfit young man was chasing a middle-aged man, two people went to the District West direction." Shortly after the public Yang introduced, dressed in a running outfit young man and another young man will be a middle-aged man stand back, the middle-aged man clothing and other hands tied back, then we know the man is dressed in running outfit to chase a car thief. According to the police station police officer Meng Jingyang, in verifying the identity of a middle-aged man was caught after, found that Zhou is a drug addicts, and to his mountain bike theft behavior also confessed. The young man dressed in a running outfit, the understanding is a branch of our Tianyuan police station police. It is reported that the suspect Zhou suspicion of theft has been punished according to law.相关的主题文章: