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Fashion-Style An Italian couple initiated Lelli Kelly, and they designed the shoes exclusively for little girls. Lelly Kelly boots have become an integral part of every girl’s wardrobe. The stylish and fun design of the attractive shoes is sure to draw the attention of every girl. The brand comes up with different collections for the different seasons of the year. During winter, it is Lelli Kelly boots made of leather, and trainers. During spring, it is canvas-beaded shoes, and during summers, the brand has come up with trainers, sandals made of leather and canvas, as well as shoes. All of the shoes from the brand are designed in such a way so that your kid’s feet remain free from odor, and feel fresh and dry. With Lelli Kelly boots, your shoe fetish can be easily satisfied, and your feet are bound to feel pampered and happy. So much so that your feet would keep asking for more of these shoes! The foam that is used in the boots is made of latex. This helps in keeping your feet fresh and dry. The brand has gained immensely in terms of popularity over the past few years due to its amazing designs, and the way the shoes are made so that your feet feel happy all the time when you put on a pair of shoes. The boots from the brand are pretty decently priced, and you can easily afford a pair of them for your girl. The fascinating range of boots can be found in primarily four kinds of finishes, namely Black Patent, Purple Patent, Red Patent and Black Smooth Leather. These boots are ideal winter wears, and they come with a removable leather sock. The Lelli Kelly boots also have a unique heel, called the Click Clack heel. This heel gives the effect of a light, tapping sort of a noise, something similar to that when your mom quietly walks into the room where you have been! The primary features of the boots would include, straps which come in chiffon bags, uppers which are made of pure leather, three pairs of straps which are changeable, inside zip so that the boots can be worn easily, click clack heels to make a tapping sound. All these features put together makes the pair of boots a hot favorite among the young adults. Apart from boots, the other kinds of shoes the range of designs would include trainers, canvas and baseball boots, sandals, school shoes, party shoes, and a huge range of accessories to go with all these kinds of shoes. Lelli Kelly boots can again be either baseball boots, or long boots, or even high strapped ones. The boots come in a small chiffon bag for your little girl. You can wear a pair of simple boots in such a way that it would look like a fancy designer wear. Let your daughter indulge in a pair of vibrant boots, and she is sure to be the center of attraction at any gathering. So get the perfect for your girl and she will surely love it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: