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Let "black car travel" in the golden week can’t do anything – View – people.com.cn "eleven" golden week is coming to Beijing, the surge of visitors, in order to avoid illegal Tour events against the interests of consumers, the September 29th Beijing traffic enforcement corps Joint Municipal Tourism Commission and other departments to focus on remediation of the city’s tourism and long-distance passenger transport. At 16:50 in the afternoon, in the Qianmen, the Summer Palace, Badaling, Deshengmen, the bird’s nest and other tourist attractions, seized the "black tourism" car 10, long black 2 vehicles, 1 vehicles cloning, and participate in the tourism industry car illegal tour 7. (September 30th, the Beijing News) should be said that the city of Beijing for the black car remediation efforts are still large, through the early remediation effect is also very obvious. It is just that, with the arrival of the National Day golden week, driven by the interests of the black car, the wheels of arrogance came again. In my opinion, the "black car was able to enter the tourism" golden week is a four wheel booster, unload these wheels, can end chaos. To remove the "cheap" wheel. Beijing Tourism Commission released information display, black tour car, the price is very low, single fee ranging from 50 yuan to more than $100. These "black coaches" to carry tourists to the famous tourist attractions, like Badaling tickets will be 45 yuan per person, plus travel, meals, as a cheap black tour is not enough, there is no two charges and shopping because it needs to dispel the tourists themselves covet cheap psychology, heaven will not fall, do not put themselves into the hands of dark tourism. To remove the interests of the wheel. These "black car tourism" in Beijing has been able to run rampant, and some businesses only after their own interests are related. For example, the black tourist car also need to bring tourists to eat, accommodation, and these reception black car business is a long-term partner, they can not know these black car is not eligible? No doubt, so that businesses civilization, not for personal gain reception black tour is also a constraint. This need to punish the reception black tour bad business. To remove the ticket economy wheel. "Black car travel" was able to smoothly, actually there is a relationship between the economic and the tickets. Not to say that tourism does not need tickets, but that the ticket price needs to be maintained within a reasonable range. Every golden week, a lot of tourist attractions will improve their tickets, this is not the tourists forced to "black car" on a major reason? According to reports, the golden week some attractions tickets increased by 30%, but according to what? When our attractions tickets are reasonable price, who would like to board the "black car"? To remove the "fine release" wheel. For the black car punishment should be said to be in the fine release of the shallow level. This makes the "black car tour" with the psychological luck, catch it earned, but was caught a few money next time, visitors will be able to deceive Zhaobu back to their own interests. Formed a vicious circle. For the black car to be able to open, but not open, as long as it is illegal相关的主题文章: