Li Yingchen beauty very tangled the trend is expected to continue to rebound havd707

Li Yingchen: not very tangled Meirui beauty trend is expected to continue to rebound the dollar index: the dollar index rebounded slightly, the intensity is very limited. The daily chart, the average system still keep pressing arrangement, MACD display short kinetic energy filling, the dollar did not change the overall weakness. The 4 hour chart, the dollar has not yet broken Dow high resistance 95.05, the overall decline continues. Because under no recent obvious downside support, the United States refers to the relatively broad. The main trend of the United States refers to the short-term is difficult to judge, still has to be decided according to the long and short currency strength respectively. Euro: continued downward adjustment of the euro against the U.S. dollar. The daily chart, the kinetic energy long still occupy obvious advantages, but because of the resistance of 1.1425 has not been broken up, the euro has slowed up. 4 hours, depending on the role of the average system remains intact, Dow’s low of 1.1240 strong support. The rhythm of the short-term shock is very clear, the current need to focus on the next wave of kinetic energy of the outbreak of the direction of the euro is expected to adjust again after the probability of a larger. GBP: the pound hit a new high against the dollar. The daily chart, the dollar continued to decline in the revised rebound is very limited. The 4 hour chart, the sideways trend has not ended, is repeated across the average system. The pound is relatively weak, the current bullish momentum again dominant. Because the above resistance is far, the pound is still ascribed to the power, the Dow first concern 1.3160 point support, as long as this position is not below, it will continue to rise. CHF: after USDCHF broke the downward trend line of continuous force upside. The daily chart, the recent exchange rate rebound momentum remains intact, but the overall shock rhythm still no change. The 4 hour chart, MACD has entered into long kinetic energy filling stage, Dow high resistance 0.9655 has been broken up, the pair rose further open space. The main trend of short-term changes to the exchange rate, a slight adjustment is expected to continue to attack the above the line 0.9800. Yen: U.S. dollar against the yen still failed to break below the 100 mark. The daily chart, the secondary rhythm of the current overall for the front fell sideways, the long-term trend of the weak without any change. The 4 hour chart, the exchange rate is the average system pressure strength test, the main trend downward. Short term strong kinetic energy alternating rhythm is more frequent, you need to guard against the occurrence of a rebound, is expected to continue to fall in the United States and Japan continue to hit 100 and 99 of the probability of strong support for the big two. Australian Dollar: Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar continued to fall. The daily chart, the average system relies on the role well ahead of high resistance at 0.7835, expected exchange rate will continue to attack this position. The 4 hour chart, the dollar’s decline in strength weakened, but due to the delay again strong impulse, the exchange rate risk has continued to fall. Short term trend is more messy, focusing on the 0.7700 line, only the Australian dollar rose after this position to break the opportunity to do more re admission. Canadian Dollar: U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar to maintain a rebound, but the intensity of the ming.相关的主题文章: