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License fraud, operating without problems of electric vehicles market in Nanning city a lot of Nanning evening news (reporter Gao Yufeng Intern Pu Zhenyu) 60 volt, a rechargeable battery life of 110 km, in fact there are tricky; electric bicycle vehicle license, after verification of suspected fraud…… November 2nd, Nanning city in the city to carry out the prevention and control of electric bicycle fire electric vehicle sales market special rectification, found a lot of problems. A billboard electric bicycle sales shop in Tangshan road itself: Changxin battery, 60 volt rechargeable battery life of 110 km. The brand of electric bicycle can really run so far? Upon inquiry, the business staff explained that after a charge of 20 kilometers per hour to run, but if the speed of less than 40 km to run less than 100 km. In the shop next to a certain brand of electric bicycle sales shop, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found no business license. The shop is a responsible person said, this site was originally a maintenance point of electric bicycle sales, into the store after some reason not to apply for new business license. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers ordered its business license to do business again. Law enforcement officers in the inspection found that the electric bicycle business sales vehicle certification mark for manufacturers of a company in Tianjin, but the input Tianjin Corporation name on the website of the State Administration of quality supervision and found the license number at the end of the number is 01395, and the number of stores from the license number at the end of the electric driving vehicle certification standard but for 00172, the two do not meet. Because of the different types of electric bicycle shops have such problems, involving a large amount of city Industrial and Commercial Bureau seized by a detachment of five brigade Deputy captain Jiang Zhiying said, sent a letter to the State Quality Inspection Administration will check again. If there is fraudulent use of others license really the business, will according to the relevant regulations of the enterprises involved up to 50 thousand ~20 million fine. Jiang Zhiying also said that law enforcement officers in the prophase investigation, also check the choice of the road of Tangshan electric bicycle, also found the electric bicycle vendors selling battery production license number and national quality inspection administration website on the inquiry to the license number is not consistent. In the previous inspection, but also found that some businesses exist over the scope of the operation, sales of electric bicycles while selling accessories. According to the Nanning Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, Su Qiming, deputy director of the inspection team, in the first half, the city of Nanning caused two electric bicycle battery caused by short circuit fire. According to the relevant requirements of the business sector to carry out remediation of the city electric bicycle market for electric bicycles and accessories sales shops, second-hand electric bicycle market, electric bicycle repair and refit store centralized rectification and joint law enforcement, illegal business activities focus on the fight against unlicensed operation, the operating range of business and marketing of fake and shoddy electric bicycles and batteries, chargers and other accessories to investigate. On the same day, the Nanning Municipal Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers combined with third party testing institutions, random sampling of the above two electric bicycle vendors selling a variety of models of electric bicycles and a number of brand batteries. Related: "Nanning electric field lines on the reservation site"相关的主题文章: