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Sexual life also has well-off standard, have you reached the standard? Is your sexual life well-off or not yet out of poverty? The true sex life is the husband and wife together to achieve physiological and psychological common satisfaction. Compared with the standard below, have you achieved? The study points out that 50% of couples have problems in their sexual lives. So, in view of the crux of this problem, how to remedy, how to improve it? In fact, sex life is not very difficult to run well, as long as you reach the following 6 standards: sexual life also has a well-off standard, you reach the standard yet? Standard one: the connection of love does not separate sex from love. They insist that the mind occupies the center position in sexual life and other fields. They see sexual life as an important part of a couple’s relationship, and they are willing and committed to their own sexual gratification. Standard two: no wrong life, harmonious and happy couples know: sexual life should not be everyone should comply with the absolute standard, there is no how to right, how is wrong. As long as both sides are satisfied, it is sexual happiness. [1]

性生活也有小康标准 你达标了吗?   你们的性生活是小康水平了还是尚未脱贫?真正的性福生活是夫妻双方共同达到生理与心理的共同满足。对比下面的小康标准,你达到没有?研究指出,50%的夫妇在性生活方面存在问题。那么,针对这方面的问题症结所在,如何补救,如何改进呢?其实,性生活要奔小康并不是很难的事,只要你达到以下6个标准: 性生活也有小康标准 你达标了吗?   标准一:爱的联结   不将“性”和“爱”分离开来,他们坚持在性生活以及其他领域中,“心灵”占有中心的位置。他们把性生活看成是夫妇关系中极为重要的部分,他们都愿意并致力于自身和对方的性满足。   标准二:无对无错   性生活和谐美满的夫妇懂得:性生活应没有什么人人应该遵守的绝对标准,不存在如何才对、如何则不对的问题。只要双方满意,就是性幸福。  [1]   相关的主题文章: