Line ten the pursuit of Bayu ancient town helmet怎么读

Line ten: line ten: the pursuit of Bayu ancient town (city Bayu pursuit Lane third mountain trail) – Tongyuanmen City Wall Ruins Park (Ke Zhuang Chiaki pass legend) – the site of the Korean Provisional Government Museum – BA Manzi jiangjunmu – Joseph hall, "Xinhua Daily" business site – Monument for Liberation (long term spirit the fortress and the name card) line Eleven: fashion luxury fashion shopping purchase (Chongqing Times Square, the Far East department store, Yingli International Shopping Center, world financial center, West Port global purchase) Tour (Monument for Liberation, WFC49 building, its network site, Nengren temple, arhat temple, mosque (eat) jiaochangkou night market, Bayi Road delicious street, 30 Street (it) a proud sleepless city, Jia bin Lu MI Bank Street, Monument for Liberation hospital, the haunted house theme rattan The monument towers takagisms) live (InterContinental Hotel, Marriott, Westin Hotel, the China World Trade Center Hotel) twelve lines: the city sightseeing bus Guotai Arts Center Auditorium – (Three Gorges Museum) – xuetianwan (week mansion, garden) – track Liziba (the park) – Chongqing – International Business District Hongyadong (Binjiang Road) – long road nine huguanghuiguan Wharf Street – Xinhua Road – China (Yangtze River cableway) – xiaoshizi small commodity market (Luo Hansi) – Hongyadong (Cang Bai Road) – Cathay Pacific Art Center相关的主题文章: