Little Nash! De Rakic into a new nuclear heat or a replica of the sun sports

Little Nash! De Rakic into a new nuclear heat or a replica of sun sports Sohu   August 29, 2016 Beijing time, according to the American news media, Miami heat coach Spoelstra said in a recent interview, after Wade left the team, Miami to develop tactics around de Rakic, and will accelerate the pace in the new season. After Wade left, the heat had to establish a new team core, the development of new team tactics. According to the latest news, the heat to de Rakic as the core, to speed up the rhythm of the team’s attack, the coach also confirmed this. "We have to play the full potential of de Rakic, Hassan, and other players, improve their speed, and stimulate their enthusiasm," said Mr Winslow. Golan alliance breakthrough and conversion of one of the best offensive guard, how to choose whether the rest of the squad, he will grasp the pace of the team, he will run up." Two years ago, de Rakic left the sun to join the heat, but he has not yet fulfilled his strength in the sun show. Because Wade and the ball before the allocation of rights is not clear, not only did not complement each other and Wade, but his fight very hard to play on the other hand, the other hand, the United States and the United States is not very strong. Wade in the position of the team obviously, de Rakic can only adapt to the rhythm of Wade. Wade himself is very fond of half court offense, so the heat in the past two seasons, the rhythm of the rhythm of the League ranked the last 5. De Rakic’s high light or in the sun in the sun during the running system, he had averaged 20.3 points, shooting up to 50.5%, and in the season when all was bench. Since he entered the league, his offense is the elite level. After Wade de Rakic left the team, without the restrictions of the outside world, Spokane coach wants them to take control of the offensive team, the sun played a fast-paced era. "De Rakic can attack very well, he can play a fast-paced game, and let the other players play better, the hoop he kept in the game, I believe that young players will love his style."相关的主题文章: