Liu Shiwen shaking reversal semi-finals after shouted to call an ambulance (video)

Liu Shiwen shaking reversal semi-finals after shouted to call an ambulance [moment] champion table tennis women’s team final China Jinhua win no pressure (this has nothing to do with the original video content, only read the September 17th Chengdu sports Tencent) (King Yi Wei) two reversed two days, exhaustion of Liu Shiwen after shouting to be called an ambulance". In September 17th, 2016 China table tennis women’s singles match, Liu Shiwen 0-3 behind in the case of 4-3 comeback victory over Singapore rookie had pointed women’s singles 4. Liu Shiwen called for an ambulance." After the game into the mixed mining area, tired abnormal Liu Shiwen backpack thrown to the ground, the game, her big score 0-3 behind the case, the final 4-3 victory over Singapore players had to tip into the top 4, the day before she is also in the case of backward 0-3 comeback victory over Japan’s Matsuzawa Maria. "After the Olympic Games, many of the activities of no physical system, too, before the thought of playing the 7 game, but did not expect 0-3 behind, really backward, also want to own such a fight certainly not to change the rhythm, finally depends on the experience and quality will win the match, I think it is good for me." After the game, Liu Shiwen said. Interestingly, after the interview, Liu Shiwen once quipped that teammate Zhang Jike, Malone’s female fans are not too much, male fans and women to their refueling. The results of today’s game, the scene of the female fans shouted at Liu Shiwen: "Liu Shiwen, we also support you!" This makes the station on the floor she was embarrassed. To prove that we have concerns, really thank you very much, I will continue to work hard to repay everyone." Liu Shiwen said so.相关的主题文章: