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Liu Zhen took office after the first public speech: today’s headlines and Uber have a lot in common Sina Francisco November 4th news, 2016 global innovators conference held in Beijing, said today’s headlines senior vice president Liu Zhen, Uber and today’s headlines have a lot in common, the two companies are based on the mobile Internet, through innovative business models and technologies to change the user’s habits. Before joining the two companies, she is their heavy users and loyal fans. This is Liu Zhen leave the excellent step, join the headlines today after the first public appearance of speech. Liu Zhen Chinese joined Uber in April 2015 as Uber, Chinese district head of strategy. The Uber is Chinese drops after the acquisition, Liu Zhen Chinese left Uber in September 30th, the end of October to today’s headlines, but has not yet announced specific position information Liu zhen. Liu Zhen said, in her eyes, there are three points of innovation and innovation is very important. First, innovators need to have a strong correlation with the times. This is the era of smart phones, we spent a very long time in the mobile terminal, whether it is shopping, social, payment, financial and information access. How can innovators in the era of strong ties in the field, to find a new business model, it becomes very important, this timeliness is very important. Secondly, the most important thing is to start from the fundamental needs of the user, to solve the fundamental problem of the user. This year a lot of people from the shared economic point of view to look at Uber, but drops, Uber, is the founder of Paris in the snow hit the car, how to use the mobile phone in the 3 to 5 minutes to hit the car, which is the supply side and demand side, highly mobile phone software. How to get information is a very important issue in the information age, too. In the past, the user read the information is filtered and edited by the media, determine what the user is going to read, and now, the user can get information in the vast amount of interest in things, rather than just rely on the media. In this process, there are two very interesting user habits. The first is to recommend a good article through social relationships, and the second is through the algorithm to match the information providers and demanders. Today’s headlines are doing second things, today’s headlines is a technology company, is to do the aggregation and distribution of content. Liu Zhen said, the third point is innovators should have vision, not certain and the amount of KPI. This vision is related to human progress and social progress. In the process of entrepreneurship, there will be a vision to climb a certain direction. "When I joined the Uber, it’s vision is to hope that the city to travel as freely as water, improve the traffic to make the city better. Today’s headlines vision is to become the most understanding of your information platform to promote the exchange of information and learning". In his speech, she also revealed a more interesting details, I was ready to join the company, my mother said to my mother I want to join a company called today’s headlines, my mother very happy, she said that this is a very good company, I can read all about it in)相关的主题文章: