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Loading force guide! The world all sorts of strange things road signs – Sohu automobile road signs aims to provide prompt information concise for the driver or pedestrian, want to "clear", it is the test logo designer skill, or "iq". This time we collected around the world logo designers fully demonstrated their brain hole, or interesting, or some strange, even some bloody, may wish to follow the reporter to see what! It is said that the Finland landmark is prompting "careful ice", is not sure, not just because I cannot read the list of Finland, but also because it is not listed on the road Finland Road Management Bureau in. The most important thing is, if you just look at the graphics, it is like a warning in front of zombies". Shooting area in this sign a rural area of the United States is very confusing, you say it is a warning to "be careful of someone on the plane throwing debris", the aircraft is going to crash like the way; you say "do not throw debris warning the driver of the car hit the aircraft, it is not realistic, I’d prefer the former. If the ladies in Denmark to see this sign will be careful, it is a warning in front of cobbled streets, this road is very easy to make you beautiful high-heeled shoes "glorious sacrifice". This sign in the vicinity of Belize set up an international airport entrance is famous in the world, it is a warning "bump", of course, understand the deceleration zone more appropriate, but there is no doubt that it is the world’s most sexy sign, no one. If the drive to see the logo, it should really be careful, because the moose is the world’s largest deer animal (about science: Giraffe although the name has a "deer", but does not belong to the deer animal). The moose body length close to 3 meters, shoulder high generally more than 2 meters, generally at a weight of 400 kg ~600 kg, most close to a ton. Such a "monster" if you want to attack your car, it’s a piece of cake. This logo in the United States on the highway style looks strange, apparently is a family of three in the running, but why are you running? The answer is that there is no valid identity documents, that is, illegal immigrants. They often check in order to avoid Huangbuzelu, so the relevant departments to make the warning signs to remind the passing vehicles. This literally translates as "electronic street zombies" in front of so many American citizens have got used to, because the control system is taught how the "black" into the electronic signs of the Internet, all want to show what is "you". Bored to this extent, is enough. If you have a look in the eyes is not good, all the way to see a sign in front of mark, when you see this curious and puzzled identification, unavoidable heart snarl. "This logo is not enabled in addition to cause of distracted driving accidents, the greatest significance may be exposed to producers of intelligence identification. When you see this line of identification, your life is basically finished. Because if you are a law-abiding citizen, then you can only stay in place, such as death, because in accordance with the instructions, you can not go anywhere. The logo reads "be careful, this logo.相关的主题文章: