Lunch review stock index narrow shocks, 0.02% half rose graphene railway rose-adobe gamma

Lunch review: stock index narrow shocks, 0.02% half rose graphene railway rose Phoenix finance September 9th hearing on Friday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened mixed. Stock index opened slightly lower in early trading, followed by a narrow range of concussion trend, stocks mixed ups and downs. By the end of the morning, the stock index closed at 3096.57 points in early trading, up 0.02%, turnover of 88 billion 800 million. The Shenzhen Component Index in early trading to close at 10842.55 points, down 0.08%, turnover of 154 billion 330 million. Gem in early trading closed at 2217.63 points, down 0.26%, turnover of 44 billion 900 million. On the surface, high-speed rail, shipping, ports, oil reform, special steel, graphene and other sectors gainers; glyphosate, environmental protection, water conservancy, PPP and other concepts decline in the top. Chart [institutional view] Friday, both sides of the market once again meet the line, and now 2807 points since the rising trend line rose to 3070 points today, as long as it is not broken, the overall market is no worry. Coupled with the lower 5 day moving average and the 20 day moving average to form a joint force to support, today’s line of war is bound to win. At the same time, the market there are many more factors, but also help the rebound force. In addition, today after The Belt and Road plate have movement, catalysis and foreign investment policy in the face of a sustained recovery driven infrastructure, ports, high-end equipment to go out and other areas will usher in a new opportunity for development, can be given proper attention. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]       午评:沪指窄幅震荡半日涨0.02% 石墨烯、铁路大涨 凤凰财经9月9日讯 周五,沪深两市开盘涨跌不一。沪指早盘小幅低开,随后延续窄幅震荡走势,个股涨跌互半。截止至上午收盘,沪指早盘收报3096.57点,涨0.02%,成交额888亿。深成指早盘收报10842.55点,跌0.08%,成交额1543.3亿。创业板早盘收报2217.63点,跌0.26%,成交额449亿。图盘面上看,高铁、航运、港口、油改、特钢、石墨烯等板块涨幅居前;草甘膦、环保、水利、PPP等概念跌幅居前。图【机构观点】周五市场多空双方又再一次相遇年线,如今2807点以来的上升趋势线今日上升到3070点,只要不被跌破,大盘整体还是无忧的。再加上下方5日均线和20日均线形成合力支撑,今日年线一战势在必得。同时,市场上不乏众多做多因子,也助力反弹势如破竹。另外,今日盘中一带一路板块有所异动,在政策面催化及对外投资持续复苏带动的基建、港口、高端装备走出去等领域将迎来全新的发展契机,可给予适当的关注。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】  盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】    相关的主题文章: