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Luohe citizens home money day looted anti-theft door intact – chief reporter Liu Guangchao Intern Yao Cheng Luohe newspaper "home money day looted, the thief is really too rampant." Yesterday afternoon, Luohe citizen Mr. Zhou called Dahe reporter, saying that after the theft, the whole family did not have any sense of security. Mr. Zhou lived in Luohe city Yanshan road in the natural residential unit two floor, the afternoon of September 20th, he and his wife go out to work, parents and children in the home of Mr. Zhou only three people at home. "3 in the afternoon, my parents take their children out of 5 points at home, because home security doors intact, no one to trace in the home, so the old man found no abnormalities." Mr. Zhou told reporters, "my wife came home until half past six in the evening, only to find the home stolen!" Mr. Zhou told reporters recalled, at the time of the two bedrooms and a small study in a mess, the clothes are thrown to the ground. Mr. Zhou quickly called the police. After verification, the stolen property totaled RMB twenty thousand yuan. "At that time, I suddenly thought that there is surveillance in the community, and quickly went to the security room of the district to monitor the video of the day. After careful search, we found a suspicious man." Mr. Zhou told reporters. Reporters saw in Mr. Zhou provided photos and video on September 20th at 14:36, dressed in a white shirt, wearing sunglasses and a mask, carrying a small bag of young man riding electric motorcycle into Mr. Zhou district. After entering the community, he rode aimlessly around for several turns, and finally stopped in front of the apartment building where Mr. Zhou lived. From the monitoring, you can see that the man entered the corridor of the unit and soon came out. At 14:41, he walked into Mr. Zhou’s unit corridor again. 15:20, the man looked hastily out of the 3 unit corridor mouth, and then rode away from the community. After receiving the alarm, Luohe police launched an investigation and evidence collection work, however, the police in tracing the suspect left the line, for monitoring an intersection is damaged, has been unable to identify suspects specific whereabouts. At present, the case is still under investigation. (Dahe Daily)

漯河市民家中钱物大白天被洗劫 防盗门完好无损  □首席记者刘广超实习生姚程  本报漯河讯“家中钱物大白天被洗劫,盗贼真是太猖獗了。”昨日下午,漯河市民周先生致电大河报记者,称自家被盗后全家人都没有任何安全感。  周先生住在漯河市燕山路自然居小区某单元的二楼,9月20日下午,他与妻子外出上班后,家中只有周先生的父母和孩子三人在家。  “下午3点,我父母带着孩子外出,5点多回到家时,因为家中的防盗门完好无损,家中也没有人来过的痕迹,所以老人没有发现异样。”周先生告诉记者,“直到我妻子晚上六点半回家后,才发现家中被盗了!”周先生向记者回忆说,当时的两间卧室和小书房内一片狼藉,衣物也都被扔在了地上。周先生赶忙报了警。经过核对,被盗财物共计人民币两万多元。  “当时我突然想到小区内有监控,就赶紧去小区保安室调看了当天的监控视频。经过仔细查找,我们发现一名可疑男子。”周先生对记者说。  记者在周先生提供的照片和视频中看到,9月20日14时36分,一位身着白色短袖,戴着墨镜、口罩,背着一个小挎包的年轻男子,骑着电动摩托车进入了周先生的小区。在进入小区后,他先是漫无目的地骑车转了几圈,最后在周先生所住的单元楼前停了下来。从监控上可以看到,该男子进入该单元的楼道口后很快就走了出来。  14时41分,他再次走进了周先生所在的单元楼道口。15时20分时,该男子神色匆匆地走出了3单元楼道口,随后骑车离开了小区。  接到报警后,漯河市警方展开了调查取证等工作,然而,办案民警在追查嫌疑人离开路线时,因一个路口的监控损坏,至今无法确定嫌疑人具体的行踪。目前,案件仍在进一步调查中。(大河报)相关的主题文章: