Man inexplicably jumped to the subway elevator outage condemned acts of danger ravbin

The man sprang inexplicable caused by the subway elevator outage condemned behavior risk original title: man inexplicably sprang subway elevator outage Beijing new morning news hotline (reporter Li Yang) Mr Li reflect, in November 10th, he rode the elevator up at Dongzhimen subway station, the elevator pedal suddenly turned up (see chart), then the outage, fortunately no the incident was injured. Beijing Metro official micro-blog release information, said 4 pm the same day, a male passenger in line Dongzhimen station to take the elevator, jumped on the elevator, the weight of the front plate, resulting in a sudden stop of the elevator. Lee told reporters that the same day at 4 pm, he took the escalator in the northeast of Dongzhimen station, where the flow is relatively large, one after another to take the elevator. When I was halfway up the elevator, the elevator suddenly stopped. The body can not help but shook a bit, I quickly grabbed the handrail this is nothing. After a moment’s pause in the elevator, I saw no more trouble, and it was carefully crossed the damaged pedal and left the scene". Also in the field of public Wang recalls: "I took the elevator just up, go about 10 meters away, behind suddenly heard a loud noise, a look back, lift the pedal up, now also feel scared." See the reporter from the online publication of the video, a man wearing a green jacket, take the elevator to the elevator exit, suddenly the legs to jump forward, then the elevator stops running. The man behind the 4 passengers also due to the sudden outage of the elevator, the inertia of the body suddenly tilted forward. Users have condemned vandalism of the dangerous behavior of man. Reporters call the Beijing subway service hotline, the staff said there were no injuries when the incident. Currently, the elevator has been repaired can be used normally. Staff said, has been released in Beijing subway official micro-blog related information. The reporter learned from the micro-blog, 10 at 4 pm, a male passenger in the Metro Line 2 Dongzhimen station to take the elevator, due to jump on the elevator, the weight of front plate, causing the subsequent impact caused by the 4 front pedal board, a cascade of damage, elevator outage. Ms. Wang for clues: Mr. Chen responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: