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UnCategorized Contrary to many popular beliefs, including nuts regularly in your diet will actually assist in achieving and managing your healthy body weight. Keep Hunger at Bay with Nuts Consuming nuts will satisfy your hunger for longer periods due to the high amount of protein and fibre contained in them. By including just a handful, about 30g, of nuts at a time, your appetite will be reduced and result in a smaller portion of food being eaten later in the day. Therefore, your overall kilojoule or energy intake will be controlled. Control Weight Loss for Longer with Nuts Results from research conducted provides evidence that when people lose weight, 86% of them in fact put their weight back on again. In other words, only 14% retain or maintain their weight loss over the longer term. One reason for this pattern may be that traditional low fat, high carbohydrate diets may not be as appetising and maintainable as other styles of eating. However, recent studies have shown that including foods that contain healthy fat in weight loss diets, participants will be provided with more enjoyable food, therefore maintaining their diet for longer periods. They would not be tempted to ‘cheat’ as often, or stray from their eating plans. During one recent study, people who followed a moderate fat, low kilojoule, Mediterranean style diet, including nuts, peanut butter and olive oil, lost more weight than those who followed a traditional low fat, low kilojoule diet. This was due to the diet including more tastier and enjoyable foods. In fact, those that followed the low fat diet actually gained an average of 2.9kg! Lose Weight With Higher Protein in Nuts Studies have shown that a higher protein intake including moderate fat intake can be far more successful in the long term weight loss stakes .pared to a more traditional low fat, high carbohydrate diet. Other than chestnuts, all nuts are protein rich and low in carbohydrate and therefore it is wise to include these nuts regularly in a higher protein weight loss plan. 10 Tips to Include Nuts in Your Daily Diet Enjoying nuts in your healthy eating plans is easy as the tips below will show. 1. Snack on a handful of almonds or pistachios throughout your day 2. Sprinkle pine nuts, cashews, almonds or chestnuts through a stir fry 3. Macadamia nuts, plain or roasted are delightful tossed through a salad 4. Sprinkle crumbled pistachios or pine nuts on grilled fish or pasta 5. Add crushed walnuts into your favourite pasta sauce 6. Sprinkle crushed brazil nuts or pecans over yoghurt or fresh fruit 7. Make your own alternative to peanut butter by pureeing nuts of your choice 8. Pumpkin or potatoes stuffed with a mix of nuts and vegetables are simply delicious 9. Any crushed nuts added to your stuffing mix will enhance your roast chicken 10.When baking cookies, sprinkle with nuts instead of chocolate chips By including nuts in your moderate fat, kilojoule controlled diet, weight gain can be prevented as well as enhancing your experience of weight loss and ensuring you do not stray. Nuts are beneficial for many reasons, so enjoy them today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: