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Media: "good" or "first cheat" which is Chen Guangbiao? Sohu news in the final analysis, such a Chen Guangbiao, China’s most charismatic philanthropist, is still associated with the distortion of political and business relations has a great relevance. The Hu Yinbin "national top philanthropist" Chen Guangbiao again deep vortex of public opinion, 20, "know" and Caixin has published a lengthy report, the disclosure of business focus to the beverage and slimming products after Chen Guangbiao, and failed to smooth transition, at present because the product is slow-moving, the dealer has not returned one million owed arrears; weight loss food items are advancing on the occasion, he and business partner in cooperation for many years "in the end who Sike seal" disputes, alerted the police involved in the investigation. The police investigation of this sort of things is not completely clear, all sorts of behaviors and Chen Guangbiao had once again been churning out, critics say, Chen Guangbiao charity in digital water mainly by illegal demolition project money, suspected of rigging, illegal subcontracting, with a leading photo title, donate, cheat cheat cheat project; the original director of the office of the sacked had the value of its public opinion mobilization ability etc.. It seems that this time, Chen Guangbiao trouble is not small. Perhaps, with the sacked officials in recent years, as well as the new changes brought about by the political ecological pattern, Chen Guangbiao mystery is expected to get more exposure. Around Chen is actually the first good or the first cheat, there will be a relatively clear statement. Is ah, so many years, people see that Chen Guangbiao is more and more cannot read, public opinion repeatedly, in the end to get whirling events, what time is the game? How long is Chen Guangbiao going to toss? Similarly, the fog blurred, there are a lot of mystery, is released by Chen Guangbiao himself. Show in the eyes of the public, although the "top philanthropist" as a pattern, but when it comes to the core issue, tend to "look the other way, not through any tone, is a" positive energy "symbol. His honor room, his various acts of money, many of his leadership and photo, and so on, are their personal brand of the composition of the Department, as to whether it is organic, non-toxic, it is not easy to say. In addition, for Chen Guangbiao’s true, there is little authority, from the official authority of the message is almost zero. That is, Chen Guangbiao and his business partners to accept the investigation, many of the news is fragmented, difficult to know the details of the public. You can only hear Chen Guangbiao often a few isolated words and phrases, will soon be able to personally experience, "the rumor". Eliminate the negative impact of power in the allocation of resources and many other aspects, when it comes down, is not only a goal, but a solid line of governance. Even now a lot of gradually clear map, or through the media and people familiar with a little bit of stitching together. In fact, it is the lack of authoritative information, as well as the resulting information asymmetry, perhaps it is the underlying causes of the Chen Guangbiao myth intensified. Why is there such a message blocking? Just because Chen Guangbiao has been advertised as "positive energy", "charity"? There are still other unspeakable insider? Or is it really with Chen Guangbiao that is full of.相关的主题文章: