Minimum standards for rural subsistence allowances in Shaanxi increased to 3015 yuan year

Shaanxi minimum standards for rural residents increased to 3015 yuan in Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an September 26th news (reporter Zhang Chenjun) 26 reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Department of Shaanxi Province, in order to effectively protect the basic livelihood of poor people, since October 1st, rural residents of Shaanxi province minimum security standards increased to 3015 yuan / person year, city subsistence minimum security standards in defining around the existing security standards based on the increase of not less than 15 yuan / month. It is understood that, according to the new minimum living standards, meet the conditions of urban and rural difficult masses will be included in the scope of protection in a timely manner, to determine the level of subsidies. To accept poverty alleviation projects to obtain income is not stable, but it does not meet the minimum conditions of the poor families, according to the original policy to give 12 months of rural residents, the disabled families on this basis can be appropriate to extend the guarantee time limit. Poverty alleviation and development projects to achieve stable income growth and higher than the minimum living standards, in accordance with the procedures of a fair and orderly exit from subsistence allowances. Since this year, Shaanxi province allocated minimum living subsidy funds 5 billion 537 million yuan, to ensure the basic livelihood of the province’s 1 million 880 thousand urban and rural residents object to obtain the effective safeguard.相关的主题文章: