More than 40 foreign students in Hunan to build the Expo Park exhibition exotic popkart

Born in Hunan to build a "Expo Park" show exotic – Beijing Beijing Changsha November 11, more than 40 students in China (reporter Tang Xiaoqing correspondent Su Yongxiang Tian Tian) South Korean fried rice cake, Japanese sushi, Russian roe sauce…… Hunan Normal University eighth session of the "World Culture Week" activities held here 11 days, students from Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, South Korea and other more than 40 countries to build the "Expo Park" in the campus, through the picture album, song and dance, musical instruments and other self-made delicacy to Chinese students display their amorous feelings. The same day, "Expo Park" atmosphere lively exception, each exhibition hall are full of national flags before, let a person at a glance. Dressed in national costumes of the international students in Chinese with their own characteristics of the exhibition hall, leading us into a small Expo Park, but also to provide visitors with their own production of specialty snacks. Food made by Vietnamese students. Tang Xiaoqing photographed the outstanding Russian students like Chinese food Rana, although only one year to China, she has traveled Hunan, Sichuan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places of food street. To participate in this event, she and fellow at 6 in the morning get up and do the roe sauce, borscht, small pancake delicacy. "It’s very ethnic." Chinese fluent Rana said, with Chinese and Russia in the field of Humanities and economic exchanges increasingly close, some local enterprises in Russia, Chinese is essential in foreign language, she would like to take this opportunity to make Chinese friends, learning, understanding China Chinese. In the "Indonesia Museum", 22 year old Li busy about Indonesia national costumes, traditional festivals, delicacy and tourism resources to Chinese students. Under the auspices of a non-governmental overseas school year program in Indonesia, the foreign student with the Beijing dialect and 8 others came to China to study chinese. Students dressed in national costumes. Tang Xiaoqing photo can speak Chinese, can increase employment, many Indonesians have begun to learn Chinese, all want to go to China to see." Li told reporters that she wanted to Chinese students activity survey about what areas of Indonesia’s interest, to be returned to the motherland, serve as a bridge and link the role of Indonesia Chinese culture into universities. In recent years, with the "Chinese fever" continues to heat up, more and more foreign students choose to study in china. Chinese Ministry of Education announced in April this year, 2015 foreignstudents data show that there are from 202 countries and regions, nearly 400 thousand kinds of foreign personnel, Chinese in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, 811 colleges and universities, research institutes, learning and other teaching institutions, an increase of 20581 compared to 2014. An increase of 5.46%. China has risen to be the world’s third largest foreign students. It is reported that nearly ten years, professional choice for students also learn from the language of the original, expanded to IT, aviation, automotive repair and other diversified professional, educational level is more abundant, to optimize the structure of students. Before the start of today ‘s event, the international exchange and Cooperation Department of Hunan Normal University and the International Institute of Chinese culture相关的主题文章: