Mother net queen V5 trial start continuous incubation, micro network red pppd-175

Mother "Queen V5" tryouts for the start of sustained micro network hatching red "signed in 2015 s, start the" million Reds plan "to" micro network deep red plan ", the practice of mother Netcom rhythmic push operation mode to upgrade the reds. Recently, mother network announced further, officially launched the "queen mother network selection of the 2016 annual V5 Reds race", based on the global search for the queen". Active mining, continued to detonate vertical micro net red matrix effect it is understood that after six months of preparation "Queen V5 trials" will be looking for in the global scope has positive energy through the Reds, career (Victorious), talent (Verstatie) and vitality (Vigor), the view (Viewpoint) and value (Value 5) "V" dimensions were selected, outstanding performance will get the annual brand signing qualification or become a mother network Reds spokesperson. In the activities of the overall layout, mother network through online audition registration – Live semi-finals – reality TV show in the PK- finals – Ceremony of "five time links, with video, broadcast, TV show a variety of forms of game Reds were strictly selected. At the same time, combined with their own media and the full coverage of the external media, to enhance the potential and influence of the interaction and the attention of players, and with a series of training programs to boost the birth of micro channel red. This new batch of microgrid red successful "incubator", also for the mother network vertical micro network red matrix "new blood", they may not smoke powder over tens of millions of Papi sauce, but it is true in real life as tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people affected mother opinion leaders, and this is my mother "N*100000" (N microgrid red, each influence of tens to hundreds of thousands of people) the unique charm of microgrid with red matrix. From the media to the TV, a number of media strength to help out "Queen V5" activity will spread propaganda in the mother network coverage to the station, and a number of high-quality media platform. The Tencent as a joint party host, happy child hearing as a co organizer to join a strong, Sina, OnlyLady, NetEase, nursery school, I live freaky is of great beauty, pepper live network media will also provide media support. All resources gathered, will provide a platform to display their special features and talent and a full range of marketing channels for the Reds, effectively enhance the competition potential influence and attention of the reds. In the video, broadcast blowout era, the "Queen V5 competition" the competition form will use the "live + Video + TV show" combination, aims to explore the training to meet the current mainstream media form reds. Freaky, freaky "business school" permanent guest "Snow Qin" (mother network ID), talent actor, plane model "ball well" (mother network ID), Love Charity contest "C is my mother" (mother ID), Master, mother child "opinion leader Jiang Lai (mother" Mom, ID) and the first in Asia, "Jiang Callipyge bodybuilding champion dawn" as a video demonstration reds, play characteristics of their health and infectious, millions of mothers passed as the mother network Reds full.相关的主题文章: