Motorola T305 Bluetooth Car Kit Delivers Hands-free To The

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Bluetooth technology has promised hands-free access to our cell phones and this entry level device from Motorola delivers on the promise. The Motorola T305 is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your cars visor and features noise reduction technology and simple operation. The attractive black design with a carbon-fiber texture will look right at home in your vehicle while the sturdy metal clip adds to the devices solid feel. Once attached to your cars visor, the device stays firmly in place and all buttons are easily accessible overhead. Although the Motorola T305 doesnt offer the many bells and whistles of higher priced models, this device makes up for it in ease of use. The buttons on the device are few and conveniently placed to let the driver focus on the road with minimal guesswork when operating the device. On the left and right side you will find the volume up and down controls. At the front youll find the on/off switch and at the bottom a larger call button. A large blue LED blinks to indicate the device is on and connected and is easily visible during the day. The speaker is loud and clear making it easy to have conversations easily overcoming road noise. The sound quality is clear on both sides of the call report our customers, Who ever your talking to can hear you loud and clear regardless where you are in the vehicle, even in the 3rd row; and at high speeds. The noice reduction technology works to minimize background noise and provide the best voice quality in a noisy car environment. The Motorola T305 is a great choice for those looking to have a more integrated in-car solution to wireless cell phone use. With many states imposing traffic fines for cell phone use while driving this device costing less than $50 is a great value for an entry level Bluetooth car kit. The visor clip makes it easy to remove and use in more than one vehicle and will easily provide 14 hours of talk time with 200 hours of standby time on a single charge. The device comes with a mini USB charging cable providing added flexibility. Motorola has another winner here with the Motorola T305, taking advantage of their leadership position and technology in the Bluetooth device category to provide consumers with an affordable and easy to use Bluetooth car kit. Find this and other products from Motorola at, your source for Bluetooth Devices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: