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Multi touch media bankruptcy was the field of media firms – taxi Beijing "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Cheng Ziyan Shanghai reported | remember taxi deputy driver’s seat after the interactive LCD touch screen? They may be less and less. According to media reports, the taxi interactive media companies touch multimedia technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as touch media) on the verge of collapse, in the process of bankruptcy liquidation. Multi touch media original office was empty, touch media employees are also all been removed a number of taxi companies to sue for debt. "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter to take a taxi after the discovery, the original location has been touched. Shanghai Volkswagen advertising company advertising investment to replace the new advertising offer is the same position every 1 yuan car advertising. According to the insiders to "China Economic Weekly" reporters, touch multimedia shareholders may do equity transfer, do not rule out new shares to do active bankruptcy design, to preserve a certain capital strength. Poor internal management and mobile media impact as the main cause of Shanghai No. 339 Yuyao Road, touch multimedia office building located, according to the property staff said, investors, partners, and other former employees have recently come Dun, some time ago, the court also sent a summons by the property staff received help. "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter in the national enterprise credit information publicity system queries, touch multimedia technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 114 million 659 thousand and 500 yuan, the current state of enterprise registration is still exist (opened in the camp, registered, its shareholders) TV Advertising Co. Ltd. for charm. And its one called Shanghai touch screen Advertising Co., Ltd. has been unable to query the national enterprise credit information publicity system. According to the "China Economic Weekly" reporter, at the end of June this year, touch multimedia is on the verge of bankruptcy liquidation of the news, many employees to quit early. At the end of July, under a multi touch media called Shanghai touch screen Advertising Co., the staff received a formal notice, the notice said: "Shanghai touch screen Advertising Co., due to market reasons, poor operating performance of the company, sales and profits fell sharply for many years, the company has a serious economic crisis, so the company made the following decisions: since July 29, 2016, the company ceased operations; all employees labor relations and social security relations at the end of July 30, 2016 to July 30, 2016, payment of social security costs." Analysis of advertising and brand research center researcher at the Shanghai Univer, director of the Beijing humane Oriental International Culture Media Co. Ltd. General Manager Xu Wen Chao to "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter: "touch multimedia may collapse in many aspects, the first is certainly the internal reason of operator is the main reason, no timely ‘downsizing’, not because funding from the media trend, suffer a big; taxi media should be some value, but the general trend is the impact of digital media on traditional media, reflect the attenuation in television, newspapers and other traditional media share, rising mobile media management. Taxi media belong to the outdoors, and passengers"相关的主题文章: