Nanjing subway a woman lost by telephone for mobile phone after passers-by was the impersonator-naughty怎么读

Nanjing subway a woman lost by telephone for mobile phone after passers-by was the impersonator in January 19th, the public Miss Pan in the metro line ten train cars lost a mobile phone. In order to find a cell phone, she borrowed a cell phone to call the number of people around him. Metro staff quickly notify Miss Pan to receive the phone, but she did not expect is that their people have not arrived, the phone has been called the boyfriend led away. And posing as her boyfriend took the phone, it is the phone to lend her to call the good passers-by. November 19th at two o’clock in the afternoon, Miss Pan to take the subway to the mountain road to change the bus to the town to find a boyfriend. Just on the bus before long, Miss Pan found the phone was gone. "Finished, must have just taken too many things, fell on the subway." Miss pan quickly to stand beside a young male passenger by phone: "my cell phone seems to be lost, can you lend me?" I want to find out." With each other after the phone call, the phone is displayed as a shutdown, Miss Pan and the male passenger’s cell phone to their own number sent two text messages, request the person who picked up his cell phone to return the phone. Subsequently, she will talk with the good side of the male passengers from day to day, the conversation also told the other side of their lost phone brands, models and colors, etc.. Subsequently, the male passengers get off. At four in the afternoon, Miss Pan with her boyfriend’s cell phone to continue to call their phone number, then the phone is the subway line ten Ande station staff, let Miss Pan to claim. Five pm, Miss Pan to Ande and her boyfriend jubilant gate station leading mobile phone, but depot staff very surprised: "mobile phone is not just by your boyfriend away?" Originally, more than three points in the afternoon, Miss Pan lost mobile phone received a strange phone, the other asked whether the mobile phone is found, where the specific location, said that he is the owner of the boyfriend, coming home to receive. In the pan before twenty minutes, the man came to the door of Ande station, not only reported a Miss Pan mobile phone number of mobile phone brands, models, colors, and I’m sorry to say answer fluently, tell yourself: female friend mobile phone password is not so, unable to unlock mobile phone. Station personnel can believe each other, let the mobile phone away. Miss Pan asked in detail about the physical characteristics of the man, and asked the MTR staff have retrieved the surveillance video, found her boyfriend took the fake mobile phone, the mobile phone is actually on the bus that lend themselves to the "good" passengers! Miss Pan retrieved their call records, trying to get in touch with the mobile phone impersonator man, but the other has been shut down and SMS, then dial 110. Currently, the case has been on file for investigation. Metro police remind the passengers: once the mobile phone is lost after not to disclose personal information to other related information of the mobile phone and the bound to strangers, to avoid loopholes.相关的主题文章: