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Never abandon! Thousands of fans do not fear the high cost will be on the road in a country of football fans cheer source: Xi’an Jing Bao was supposed to extend the land of magic, but the China team not only failed to defeat the team ranked the lowest in Syria, also in 0 home court: 1 score lost, this also let the Orangemen to Russia of the road becomes extremely difficult. 11, 2009, the national team will be in all the Games in the top 12, away from Russia’s recent away, the strength of the challenge is more prominent in Uzbekistan, the outcome will decide whether to retain the right to retain the right to suspense. In accordance with the national team before the training arrangements, the original site should be carried out in the back of the training yesterday, but eventually canceled due to various reasons, instead of training in the hotel. Today 11, the Orangemen will fly to Uzbekistan the capital city of Tashkent, began to prepare for 11 days away against Uzbekistan. Through the first 3 rounds of competition, China team in the promotion competition has been completely into a passive, Iran and South Korea with 7 points out the top two, Uzbekistan 6 points ranked third, Syria accumulated 4 points behind in fourth place, China team only 1 points, the bottom of the rankings. Even if the top 12 games have up to 10 games, but in the Chinese team and strive to fight the goal of the group of third, the next round of the contest with Uzbekistan, has been unable to afford to lose. The Orangemen defeated Xi’an to China fans feel very humbled, but 11 days away in Uzbekistan, still will have more than 1000 fans cheering for the China team in the stands. "As a result of the visa trouble, cost is relatively high, this time to Tashkent fans is not much, but with the local organization of Chinese people, we will have the scene more than a thousand people cheer team, and strive to bring good luck to Chinese team." Chinese dragon fans Association Jian Mangen said that although the defeat in Xi’an to make the fans feel very humbled, but China fans for supporting Chinese team still never abandon, we organized a group of fans will go to Tashkent on the 9 day, hope Chinese team can play aggressive games on the road, not to make light of travelling a thousand li came to the scene to support the China fans."相关的主题文章: