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New energy vehicles, the rapid growth of   the charging pile construction or speed – Anhui Channel – original title: the rapid growth of new energy vehicle charging pile construction or speed of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Asia in 2016 Summit Forum held in Shanghai New International Expo Center today. The exhibition will be invited to the production and sales of electric vehicles and charging pile operators on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development direction, technology path, certification standards, market promotion and other aspects of the application of communication, to further promote the station construction and operation of production equipment, and the production of electric vehicles charging enterprises to cooperate with each other in our country, and promote the rapid development of China’s electric vehicle and charging pile industry. Data show that last year, China’s new energy vehicle production reached 340 thousand units, sales of 330 thousand. This year, China’s new energy automobile production and sales continued to grow rapidly, from January to August, China’s new energy vehicle production 258 thousand, sales of 245 thousand, an increase of more than the same period last year, respectively, and 115.6%. In recent years, China’s new energy vehicle production and sales growth, while the number of downstream charging pile is seriously insufficient. As of the first half of this year, China’s new energy vehicles cumulative production reached 750 thousand units, while charging the number is only 131 thousand, including 81 thousand public charging pile, with the completion of the private car charging pile 50 thousand, car pile than about 6:1, the future is still a large space for development. Along with China’s policies continue to overweight, charging pile construction will enter the accelerated phase. Policy, in April this year, the National Energy Board issued "on the residential area for speeding up the electric car charging pile and the construction of supporting facilities of the notice (Draft)", and actively promote the existing residential charging piles supporting power supply facilities construction and renovation, given the state of state-owned capital or subsidized loans to support the unified power supply of new residential area; infrastructure construction mode, included in the planning of construction project management; encourage enterprises to participate in the Third Party District charging pile operations. In addition, last year, the NDRC issued the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide (2015-2020), in accordance with the principle of moderate advance clear charging infrastructure objectives. By 2020, China will add a centralized charging station 12 thousand, charging pile 4 million 800 thousand decentralized, and will accelerate the development of the country is divided into regions, and actively promote the demonstration area, 3 areas proposed charging facilities planning, according to the different application respectively, proposed the construction goal. From our charging facilities for the consumer market, the national grid is the country’s largest charging equipment purchases last year, a total of 3 batches of the national grid charging facilities for public bidding, bid a total of 11338 charging pile, the total amount of the tender 1 billion 500 million yuan, is expected this year, the bidding amount will reach 3 billion yuan, an increase of is expected to more than 200%. Among them, the first two tender amount has reached about $1 billion 400 million this year, the fourth quarter will have a round of heavyweight tender. The agency expects, outside the State Grid bidding demand is about 1.5 times the net, the overall demand for the first half of this year is about $3 billion 500 million to $4 billion 500 million, is expected in the second half of this year, the demand will be greater, the total year相关的主题文章: