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Home-and-Family I can hear it now, individuals looking for new grad nurse jobs are saying "There aren’t any new grad nurse jobs!", "A sure thing for job security? Then where are all the new grad nurse jobs?!", "How can I get any experience if no one will hire me?", "Where are all the new grad nurse jobs I was promised? All positions are for experienced nurses?", "Nursing shortage? What nursing shortage?", "Why is it so hard to find a job? I’m a nurse for goodness sakes!" In some situations these are .mon .plaints heard from people searching for new grad nurse jobs right out of school. In this situation let me give some advice and a dose of encouragement. Take a deep breath, there are new grad nurse jobs out there! New Grad Nurse Jobs The job market, in some places, is very tight. While it is disheartening, we need to realize that this isn’t .pletely new. Nursing, as a profession, has been here before, to a degree. When I first began my career there seemed to be few new grad nurse jobs, nurses were being laid off, allied professions were being cut…this was over 2 decades ago now. To all nurses both seasoned and new grads, there IS a nurse shortage, we are all just caught up in a strange situation currently. Trust me…there is a nursing shortage! And it is going to get worse. New Grad Nurse Jobs The problem seems to be that, like every other business around, hospitals are having to make the same gut-wrenching budget cuts as everyone else. It’s hitting so many areas of nursing right now…students, faculty, schools, hospitals…everyone is affected by the current economic situation. Hospitals, whether they’re short on nurses or not at the moment, are dealing with a cash-crisis and are taking a close look at new grad nurse jobs. A brand new nurse, fresh out of school–no matter how many "A’s" you got in nursing school, no matter how many articles you’ve written above and beyond, no matter how many volunteer/student-work/extra-credit hours you’ve logged–a brand new nurse will take close to a full year to mentor and precept into an independent RN. New Grad Nurse Jobs A typical hospital could spend many thousands of dollars on you training and precept you to a point where you will actually earn your salary. Don’t get offended by this, your hospital knows that you are a very worthwhile investment. New grad nurse jobs are available. The key is to be open to accepting a job in an area where you hadn’t planned on working. In time you will get that coveted position you always dreamed of when you were going through nursing school. Most nursing skills are learned and developed after you leave nursing school and enter the real work force. School teaches you the science of theory of nursing. It’s only after graduation where you will get to develop those skills you only touched on in school. Your clinical rotations were not the real world. Nursing requires judgment skills; judgment skills are the result of experience backed by the theory and science you learned in school. It just takes time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: