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"Nine gate" meeting Hu Yunhao Zhang Mingen love interactive fans – Entertainment Sohu in August 23rd, "Summer Youth waterfront venue of the" fresh "old nine door fan meeting, ushered in the" old nine door "play two popular actor — orange actor Hu Yunhao, Zhang aide of Zhang Mingen, love interacting with fans live and send more fans exclusive benefits spree. At the same time, play "is the host site" toast the old nine door ran Jun said, hit the big drama "old nine door" has exceeded 6 billion in the amount of playing Iqiyi, and two "fresh meat" also promised, when to play the amount of breaking billions, will also send a special welfare. (left) Zhang Mingen, Ran Jun, Hu Yunhao interview "old nine door" hit, rising popularity of tangerine peel adjutant City Legend "" old nine door is about our family quest origin story. Because of excellent production and the story of ups and downs, and starring William Chan, Zhang Yixing, guest starring Zhao Liying’s portrait of interpretation, in the summer to become the most watched drama reputation. A young actor "by" old nine door gets more attention, fans mouth "orange" and "little adjutant" is one of them. "Orange peel" Hu Yunhao and the "master" February red grudges sparked heated debate, "Lieutenant" Zhang Mingen for the play of "Buddha" loyal, plus "uniform whenever and wherever possible kill", so fans launched # contract # Zhang aide in the online activities. In recent years, the phenomenon of big drama featuring many young actors, in the face of "red flag", Hu Yunhao and Zhang Mingen still maintained a rare sober and humble. Zhang Mingen said that he was very grateful to the "old nine door" shooting experience, "the first TV series" old nine door "received such a big drama, fortunately, a bit overwhelmed by an unexpected favour feeling, I have to play this role attentively, Zhang aide appear perfect, hope you like." Compared to the small adjutant faithful integrity, Chen PI four in the play is a complex character role, on the surface of extremely cruel and merciless tough talk, deep inside there is a piece of soft ground, Hu Yunhao’s acting had affirmed the feedback from the audiences, fans often because the belt is too deep into the plot of "Curse" orange peel this character, very cool, peel inside play a lot, complex character, play it very enjoyable. Hu Yunhao admitted to such a complex character actor is lucky, "in the movie before, I will prepare, in response to a reporter about the role of tangerine peel’s question, I think he is not black tangerine peel, in the" orange peel "character." In fact, in the life of Hu Yunhao very good temper patience, in front of the fans, almost everything. The most important thing is, after Hu Yunhao set off peel out ", is obviously talented, but rely on the acting". (Hu Yunhao live challenge (cube) in the play "four roles" reproduction kill) sugar oil Baba reproduction, on-site interpretation of "Deputy four" kill "Summer Youth waterfront venue of the" fresh "old nine door fan meeting, of course 360 degrees hassle for fans to see two people in all aspects of art. One of the links is to let Hu Yunhao challenge the devil.相关的主题文章: