No deep space refund SONY’s former director of the low quality of some players spray pigeon blood

"No deep space": the former director of SONY refund spray part game player low quality small unmanned deep space area still did not think what games can also make major publishers have made an exception, but "no" do deep space. Most of the poor, many expect the game player lost nearly 90% in two weeks, although no "deep space" which takes 584 billion years to complete through, but obviously repetitive gameplay has aroused the anger of game player. With the rapid decline of the game evaluation, refund phenomenon has become more and more popular, in the face of the one-sided game player bad, many games have a sales platform to recognize counseling. But the game is good at the beginning, the more fun to feel the pit, then you can refund it? Proud as the Steam is always lack of game time within two weeks of 2 hours to a refund, but now for "no deep space" allows the game player unconditional refund (last to do so or because the optimization odd slag "Batman: Agam Knight"); and the PSN is relatively harsh for many, within 14 days after purchase no download this game, only to meet the basic conditions of the refund (which probably means only buy the wrong things will be used); Amazon support in principle for users not satisfied with the products of the refund, but adhere to the "case analysis" principle, and may be parties including third party sellers, coordinating the actual operation, in short the process will be more twists and turns. In foreign scoring website Metacritic see, no deep space, the user rating has fallen to 2.9 points, the professional score is not high. To know that last month, no one deep space, there are 4.4 points, and now directly down half of the score. Although Metacritic users sometimes is not reliable (COD9 score was too bad, but the Navy brush) according to the small side play of the game player feedback, the game is really not worth buying… But even the Steam can be unconditional refund, there have been dozens of hours to play a refund of chicken thieves players, and then caused the former SONY employees tucao. Shahid Kamal Ahmad is a former director of SONY, he has views on some players, and then look at the contents of his hair. Most players are not thieves, most players still have conscience. We’re not talking about the factory on the product line, we are talking about art, you can’t see the window gadgets look at it (no deep space). In ten years I spent ten thousand pounds to buy the game, but I never refund, unless the game can not start from the start. I repeat, a game player played 50 hours no deep space that you want a refund, that give you 5 billion hours of experience, you still don’t see the whole picture of the game." If the player asks for a refund after 50 hours, you are a thief. For SONY’s former employees of the speech, how do you think of it? (source: World Editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: