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Ofo users on thousands of single brush: Huang car positioning holes are students playing bad but two days, just to get the drops of investment "small yellow car" ofo once again become the focus of the news. September 28th, media reports said, Shanghai ofo users to increase the chance of winning, within a day to brush a thousand times, and ofo operators to hold the attitude of acquiescence or even encourage. The report pointed out that a single brush students ofo account shows a total of 20 vehicles in September 27th, and the day of the real cycling action only 1 times, the other is in situ with the phone to unlock the car". Is this really the case? Why is this kind of brush line possible? "After the yellow car lock even motionless will deduct money, so there may be a single brush, a student at the Fudan University classmates said. In an interview, the class to unlock a small yellow car, parked in the car for more than and 20 seconds, and then pay to find travel expenses of $0.04. The cost is multiplied by the density. This is understandable, but the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Wang encounter things more fantastic. She was lying on the bed to unlock a car used during the day, 1.5 minutes later, the mileage is displayed as 0.43 km. Reporters interviewed a number of colleges and universities in Shanghai students, was informed that the small yellow car in the positioning of the loopholes in this place. The use of these loopholes to save money travel has become the choice of many students. A student at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology classmate Wang told reporters, because the yellow car is based on mobile phone positioning money, if you want to long distance ride after unlocking can ride a short distance, after 80 seconds of compulsory riding time, you can click on the end to complete the payment, and then pay off the program on the bike. As long as the phone does not locate your password is not reset, you can ride." It is reported that the yellow car at present is still used in mechanical lock, and use the key to open the lock is slightly different, the yellow car need to use mechanical lock password to open. There is a password keyboard in the yellow car lock next to enter the password, press the unlock button, the lock will open. After the end of the ride to pay the money, you can lock the car itself, while the password reset, so that a small yellow car and restore the original state, waiting for the next person to decode the bike. But the problem is that the password reset and lock the car still depends on the consciousness of students, although in the choice of payment, mobile phone interface will prompt lock, password reset, but if some students forget or don’t want to lock, and no restriction measures to limit this behavior. And if the end of the billing on the phone, but also did not reset the password to re lock, then the user can continue to ride free. This vulnerability also led to a lot of people will have only in the stately campus use the number of yellow riding on campus. Our school to the subway station, fifteen minutes to walk, but only as long as the ride for five minutes. In accordance with the provisions of the car only even numbers to ride out, and the use of double car need to pay the deposit. So many people are now in the end of early school car, and rode out the car number." Studying at Shanghai Univer, Chen told reporters. Correspondingly, the number of college students are said to be insufficient supply of small yellow car. The single "相关的主题文章: