Oil production plant workers cleaning oil poisoning caused by 1 dead and 2 injured dataload

The workers cleaning oil production plant 1 dead 2 injured original title to oil poisoning: cleaning oil production plant oil poisoning 3 people dead and 2 injured in 1 China Yulin daily news (reporter Yang Ning) the afternoon of September 11th, to extend the Limited by Share Ltd of Hengshan oilfield 3 staff to wash oil poisoning, resulting in 1 deaths, 2 people coma injured, currently injured have been out of danger. China Daily reporter learned from Hengshan County propaganda department, September 11th at 2:15 in the afternoon, Hengshan County Safety Supervision Bureau report, Yanchang oilfield Limited by Share Ltd Hengshan oil production factory staff of 3 people poisoning caused by cleaning oil, one of two people died in coma. After receiving the report, the principal leaders of Hengshan county Party committee and government leaders rushed to the scene immediately arrange, county emergency management office, Safety Supervision Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Shiwan town and other related personnel rushed to the scene the first time, investigation and disposal of remedial work. It is verified that Lee died after rescue, Xu, Moumou 2 people in Jingbian county hospital after rescue, Yan’an People’s Hospital. After treatment Moumou has been awake, the other 1 people have been out of danger xu. Currently, treatment, investigation and rehabilitation work in progress. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: