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On the new board then set man or A shares of the company reliable source: WeChat public interpretation of new three new board turnover downturn, anxious last year regardless of the cost of the "car", the private trust and all kinds of information management plan. The Societe Generale information to more than 50% of the rate of return from the lily network, showing the right way to find the disk access. After the deal, new energy to Shanghai Hao spring to pay about $496 million to pay about 386 million yuan of industrial information management. A shares of Listed Companies in new energy (000690.SZ) 28 evening announced that the company plans to share the price of 3.99 yuan, the investment center, Shanghai Hao spring industrial wealth held by the prosperity of Lily network No. 14 information management plan (834214.OC) of all the shares. Shanghai Hao Chun holds 124 million shares of baihe.com, prosperous 14 held Lily network of 96 million 774 thousand and 100 shares, the total transaction price of 882 million yuan, 3 billion 900 million yuan net valuation of lily. This transfer before the new energy holding Lily network 3.77% of the shares, after the transfer of the shareholding ratio rose to 26.42%, become the largest shareholder of Lily network. Shanghai Hao spring is also the main investor Asset Management Co., Ltd., funded ratio of over 99.99%. Interpretation of the king forget about this, the industrial information management completely quit Lily network, investment income of 297 million yuan, the yield reached 50.75%. 2015 Lily network in April, said the financing of 1 billion 500 million yuan, a number of listed companies and Asset Management Co involved in the brokerage. In fact, a equity transaction, the new investor capital increase 1 billion 483 million yuan, after the valuation of the investment of $1 billion 559 million. New energy and luxury Shanghai Chundu is at this time in Lily network. The capital increase price of 3.44 yuan shares, Shanghai Hao spring investment of $285 million 290 thousand, holding $19.24%. 2015 annual Lily network every 10 shares donated 5 shares, so Shanghai Hao spring now holding cost of 2.29 yuan shares. March 2016, after the completion of the first listing of Lily network financing, the issue price of 3.10 yuan shares, the issue includes a number of brokerage information management plan, private equity funds and trust plans. Among them, Societe Generale fortune – prosperity 14 subscribe for 96 million 774 thousand and 100 shares, the amount of investment of 300 million yuan. Count down, Shanghai Hao spring holdings of 1 years, a yield of 73%, the number of shares held by the prosperity of the month of 6, the yield of $28.7%, 14. Considering this year three new board set by 30% has been fitted, this result is good. Lily network in April this year, after the release of second copies of the listing plan, intends to raise funds of $882 million. The issue price of 3.15 yuan shares, as some investors can not pay on time, a continuous extension of the subscription for the 6 time. The new energy acquisition, Lily network announced the termination of the stock issuance in August 28th. Lily network at the end of last year announced the acquisition of much more powerful than their competitors Jiayuan, but in March this year, he suddenly changed their mind and decided by the shares of the company’s acquisition of Jiayuan, there is no progress. Enter the new three board theme] discussion相关的主题文章: