Open the door to return astronauts for the first time independent cabin after wearing a sleeping bag 519697

Open the door to return astronauts for the first time independent cabin in sleeping bags 5 technical astronaut Jing Haipeng flew from Inner Mongolia to Beijing Ping an. Xinhua News Agency astronaut Chen Dong flew from Inner Mongolia to Beijing Ping an. Xinhua News Agency Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi winter A Mu Lang ancient prairie a quiet, only the voice of the wind. This piece in Mongolian means "peace", yesterday to meet two completed flying trip "wandering" home. In the past 13 years, as the main landing site, Aki Guro prairie open embrace, the embrace of the earth from the space for the 5 time to return to the astronauts of the 10. The scene – 13:11 starting and return the braking program on the prairie, 8 search and rescue helicopters and a large number of ground rescue workers prepared to meet the challenge. A minute and a second in the past. The crowd, from time to time some people looked up, lift the wrist watch. People waiting for the heart, nervous and worried — spacecraft manned space flight is the last step, and it is also one of the biggest risk link. 13:11, the spacecraft orbital module and the return of the successful separation of the spacecraft, the spacecraft began to return to the braking process, began to fly toward the earth. With a roar, the first batch of 5 helicopters quickly lifted to the theoretical landing point. According to the main landing site headquarters about the leadership of the 5 helicopters in the theoretical landing point as the center of the 36× 36 km over the corner of the area on standby four. As early as in the air waiting for the 2 UAVs and fixed wing aircraft, in accordance with the instructions are also flying to standby airspace in the 1. This is the first time in the spacecraft to return to the search and rescue mission uav. Huge parachute hanging back to the cabin slowly landing, the recovery of the number one target." Front radar station operator clear and powerful password to the command room. This shows that the return capsule has entered the main landing field measurement and control search range. Reporters looked at the time, this time from the spacecraft to start the braking process about 30 minutes. "Recycle two found target!" According to the data provided by a number of recovery guidance, radar antenna measurement station also steadily with the target. "Steady!" Scene search and rescue team members can not help but say. The return module is getting closer and closer to the ground, and the command points are more accurate. "Helicopter found target!" The first helicopter came to the headquarters. At this point, in the designated area on standby second batch of 3 helicopters quickly took off, rushed back to the landing area. Quick look!" Reporters on the helicopter was pointing to a small point in the air. The reporter looked intently, huge red and white striped parachute in the air hanging capsule landed slowly, like a beautiful flower drop from the clouds. In the return cabin bottom heat, the first batch of 5 helicopters to return to the cabin slowly close. Ground search and rescue teams in the command, but also to open the foot to gallop at the landing point. Dozens of cars galloped away, in the vast grassland from blowing dust. Reporters saw the return capsule closer to the ground. The spacecraft in a flash and the earth kiss, a cloud of dust flying, followed by parachute flutter on the ground. At this time, it’s 13:59. The 5 helicopters landed in the vicinity of the re-entry module. The helicopter’s propellers are still turning, and the search and rescue team, which is wearing orange overalls, jumps off the helicopter and heads back into the capsule. Jing Hai相关的主题文章: