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Ecommerce You probably know Overture and Wordtracker as well as AdWord Accelerator which a great tool in PPC management for sorting out the real competition among keywords and bid prices and singling out the best-performing ads. But there are others that give you a different emphasis and have features of their own that make them unique and very much worth having. AdWord Analyzer is one (.AdWordAnalyzer.com). Keywords Analyzer is another (.KeywordsAnalyzer..). If I were to look in your toolbox out in your garage, most likely I would find both a flat head and a Philips head screwdriver. This is like your keyword tools. The same way you need more than one kind of screwdriver you need more than one keyword tool. Individually they have their strong points but together they represent an entire set of tools, not just two screwdrivers. There is no end to learning though. Whether your keyword list is long or short, the first one will most likely be missing something. A major search engine .pany once reported that out of total searches 20 percent were wholly unique. People search for all kinds of things and use an unlimited variety of words. Therefore here are some out-of-the-ordinary notions for you to consider: Keep your keyword list filled with synonyms and similar subjects so you know you will be able to let people know that you have what they want. You can try bidding on brand names, though you’ll have to work through the copyright issues yourself. Google has had a score of its own legal headaches as a result of allowing AdWords users to bid on trademarked names. Nevertheless, names of .panies, magazines, associations, famous people, and famous places may all relate to your product. For example, for "billiards" you might bid on the name of famous pool player Jeremy Jones. For drums you might bid on "Buddy Rich." Did you know that misspelled words are a great way to get high click through rate without .peting with a lot of other advertisers? Why? Because so many advertisers don’t bid on misspelled keywords. For example "Tolkien" (correct spelling) got half the click-through rate of the misspelled "Tolkein" on a "Lord of the Rings" promo. An impressive website that is handy for pay-per-click advertisers is LexFN… In essence it is a massive thesaurus that utilizes the internet to .pile synonyms and relevant concepts into a .prehensive list. What an entertaining site to fiddle with! Just bidding on the conventional word not on variations you will miss out. Utilizing "expanded phrase matching" feature Google offers can help, but it is better to use the exact words people type in and it will almost always cost you less. Example: WalMart, Wal-Mart, Wal Mart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: