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Oysters 7 nutritional value   how to clean the clean? – the food channel — people.com.cn original title: oysters 7 nutritional value how to clean the clean? How to clean the oyster? Oyster is a kind of seafood, unique flavor and taste is popular with many people. At the same time, oysters also has rich nutritional value. However, be sure to wash thoroughly before cooking. Next, to teach you how to clean the oyster right. The nutritional value of raw oysters per 100g oysters, zinc content of up to 9.39mg, men have to eat a body can meet the demand for zinc; zinc to better effect, can directly take some kind of protein zinc and zinc; oysters contained rich bezoar acid has choleretic effect, which is the prevention of pregnancy intrahepatic cholestasis of medicine; rich in trace elements and glycogen containing, to promote fetal growth, treatment of anemia in pregnant women in pregnant women and physical recovery benefits; oyster is the best food calcium, it is very rich in calcium and phosphorus, by being absorbed into the body to help with phosphorus, so conducive to calcium absorption; oysters also contain vitamin B12, which is the general lack of food, cobalt in vitamin B12 is to prevent pernicious anemia indispensable substances, so have oysters Active hematopoietic function; there are many excellent amino acids in Oyster Protein, the amino acid detoxification, can remove toxic substances in the body, including the taurine and reduce blood cholesterol levels, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis; oyster extract significantly inhibited platelet aggregation effect, can reduce the TXA2 the content of high blood lipid and blood of patients, is conducive to insulin secretion and use, and can cause the malignant tumor cells on the radiosensitivity enhancement, and has inhibitory effect on the growth of. At the same time, the method of cleaning oysters is? A brush with a simple method of cleaning oysters with rubber gloves. Because the oyster shell is very sharp, with boiling water boiled, open the shell immediately after the fish out, or old; like students will bring rubber gloves open, dipping sauce or mustard to eat. We can’t eat in the refrigerator, cooked you can also do the soup to drink, can dip egg flour fried oyster. Put it in the soda water. First soaked in hot water in the baking soda solution, softened by easily not only clean and can remove the smell of oysters dry, after washing with water rinse it, or go to the shell, put some oil, catch the wash, and then rinse. Brush with rubber gloves. Use the toothbrush shell brush clean, then open the mouth, with a knife stuck around after the screw was opened. Water flushing, water spots don’t open it, otherwise it will damage the oyster meat. The net bubble with salted oyster. The best put half a lemon juice squeezed juice and salt in the lemon skin, it can go to the sand can also be fishy, but the water to cool. If you buy a fresh oyster meat, which is often mixed with oyster shell broken or other impurities, as long as in which drops into the vegetable oil, it is easier to clean. Use chopsticks to separate oysters and pelvic floor, because the oyster location has been in the central basin, spit out)相关的主题文章: