The operating principle of high pressure reaction kettle is simply introduced.|The operating principle of high pressure reaction kettle is simply introduced.

a brief introduction of the working principle of high pressure reactor



1. reactor main sealing using A type double seal, the sealing points adopt circular arc surface and plane, curved surface and curved surface line contact seal form, rely on the contact surface of high precision and smoothness, achieve good sealing effect.
3 sleeve is arranged on the upper part of measuring coil, integrated mixer with the inner magnetic ring rotates, speed coil generates induction electromotive force, the potential and the stirring speed corresponding, the potential transfer to the tachometer, can show the stirring speed.
bearing adopts stainless steel bearing high strength or electrographite, friction loss, and long maintenance cycle.
5 magnetic coupling and the kettle cover is arranged between the cooling water coil, when the operating temperature is higher when cooling water temperature is too high, and magnet demagnetization. Consisting of a pair of inner and outer ring
motor through the coupling. Control the speed of the servo motor, can achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.
7 autoclave with barrel type silicon carbide furnace core, electric wire wear in the stove core, the end head is composed of shell side lower part penetrates through the wiring stud,
rubber sheathed cable connected with the controller .
, nut fastening bolt.

How to select the outlet valve of the stainless steel reaction vessel|How to select the outlet valve of the stainless steel reaction vessel

stainless steel reactor outlet structure and the use of what the valve is good? Many customers or users may have a lot of questions on the reaction at the bottom of the discharge port, according to this situation, we must first know your material, with weight or discharge reactor with self suction pump with external material, the weight is the basic completion of the reaction directly into the barrel, and the circulating pump can give the reaction kettle break the cycle and make the material using the kettle agitator stirring fully, the outlet with quick ball can be made of SUS304 or 316L, generally with the health level of the pharmaceutical companies, but this material is close to the liquid, its liquidity is good, will not cause the outlet plug, sticking to the wall, if the material is thick and containing solid particles, are closed during the mixing process, fast loading or threaded valve with the valve in the reactor can, because mixing nozzle at In the presence of the material is not easy to stir, solid particles containing insoluble, so we suggest that you use the next expansion discharge valve, head into planar structures of this structure after the valve is closed and the reaction kettle, good sealing, no dead angle, easy to discharge. However, this price is more expensive than the ordinary ball valve, the material has SUS304 and 316L, the outlet valve is to be designed according to your material situation and process requirements.

Basic information of pressure vessels|Basic information of pressure vessels

first   in order to ensure the safety operation of pressure romsion people, to protect people’s lives and property safety, and promote the development of the national economy, according to the relevant provisions of the "" Provisional Regulations on safety supervision of boilers and pressure vessels, the enactment of this regulation.


        second   the regulation scope is as follows:

        (1) a non independent volume of a moving compressor is less than the equivalent 0.15m3 storage tank boiler room of the sub cylinder;  

    (8)橡胶待 Tire curing press and pressure rubber mould for industry use.

Full automatic high pressure reaction kettle leading the future reaction equipment|Full automatic high pressure reaction kettle leading the future reaction equipment

automatic autoclave reaction equipment to lead the future of              
two series. The miniature high-pressure reaction kettle can be classified according to the usage, operation mode and structure. The most common is the structure of the reactor according to the classification, can be divided into reactor reactor, tubular reactor, tower reactor, fixed bed reactor, fluidized bed reactor, etc.. According to the operation can be called batch reactor, or intermittent production is more and more big, mixing reactor also gradually to large-scale development. Micro magnetic high pressure reactor   at the same time, the development of stirred tank must meet the reasonable utilization of resources, energy saving and environmental protection requirements of the severe challenges.
autoclave direction:

    The small volume of

  1.  . With more professional research, research technology more scientific and technological content, higher cost of people work, research will be the development direction of micro research and development.

2.  miniature high pressure reaction kettle agitator. Has been developed from a single mixer to double mixer or forced circulation pump. Abroad, in addition to outside is equipped with stirrer, the kettle body along the horizontal line to improve the response speed of

  1.   in order to produce automation and continuous instead of bulky gap manual operation. If the use of program control, can ensure stable production, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce manual labor, reduce the pollution of the environment. The automatic high pressure reaction kettle is one of the most scientific and technological equipment, automatic lifting, automatic temperature control, temperature programmed control, in the control system on behalf of the future development direction of the reaction equipment.