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People’s livelihood insurance executives do not affect the normal behavior of the Department of human resources and social security development fund exposure platform Sina: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Insurance analyst Chen Shiqing recently, PICC Life insurance industry has been pushed to the network continuously reported in the teeth of the storm, PICC Life "core layer change" and "leaving tidal surge", a number of executives turnover gradually broke the whereabouts. It is true that life insurance is indeed a major concern of the company, its policies, performance growth, executives, etc., are likely to form a major influence, leading to hot news. But in the recent report, but only stay in the "gas", decide the fate of "income" representation. Flow and adjust the personnel of insurance between subjects, this is the market behavior of the network is It is quite common for, given the extraordinary attention — this is from another angle shows the market importance of China’s insurance industry has been hitherto unknown, SOE cadres within the system is already not a pool of stagnant water, but in the rapid development of the insurance market of gold ten years in the real accumulated a huge market value. The personnel changes, life insurance industry is in accordance with the normal behavior of the media broke the news content, this round of changes is the life insurance personnel turbulence of the tip of the iceberg ", a vice president of a home in the south of the newly established insurance company, an executive is to start, the channel sector is more than one change. At first glance, it seems that the change of personnel is indeed extraordinary, but this is not the case. In the life insurance industry, the person in charge of the sales channel department, often with the previous work experience and performance of the contribution to the promotion of change. For example, a reference to occupy the main channel of PICC Life position of the head of the Department, is the group’s preparatory group selected the pension insurance company, the state-owned enterprises for the cadres, is a common form of personnel adjustment and promotion. Another dangerous channel deputy, has been dug to a life insurance company executive. In addition, more than middle-level cadres were hired to serve as an important role. Another former senior vice president, insurance experts, quit after directly promoted to the new company chairman. More number of backup department is middle companies poaching occupies an important position, similar to the promotion type change case, in the industry to meet the eye everywhere is not surprising. Two, the management of cadres become popular is the performance of human capital to enhance the performance of China’s accession to the WTO as one of the earliest open to the outside world, the insurance industry has experienced rapid development. From the old Paul exclusive to more than 170 insurance companies premium income, the All flowers bloom together., industry asset size increased exponentially, the insurance management personnel are increasingly scarce and lean. For a long time, conservative state-owned insurance firms of rigid system and business development, conservative thinking habits, causing its few cadres new senior management, is that the market value is not high, only to follow the prescribed order within the system of promotion. But in recent years, with the increasing competition in the industry and the improvement of the degree of marketization, the state-owned insurance companies have gradually achieved considerable business development and progress, more and more management theory相关的主题文章: