Pregnant women to eat bird’s nest nest benefits, how to distinguish between true and false mother –

Pregnant women to eat bird’s nest nest benefits, how to distinguish between true and false? – Sohu in many maternal Asian countries, bird’s nest is almost the best nourishing nourishing women preferred from the lady to the entertainment actress to ordinary people, they will choose the bird’s nest tonic. The benefits of a pregnancy eat bird’s nest bird’s nest is rich in sialic acid and DHA, the "bird’s nest acid" component can function in the fetal brain, not only can make your baby smarter; and an important group of sialic acid is the infant’s immune system as soon as possible the formation of. The "bird’s nest acid medicine known as neuraminidase, is containing substances in breast milk. DHA is what we call the golden brain, the brain development of infants and the formation of the retina has an important role. Pregnant women and four months after the baby food bird’s nest, can increase the baby ganglioside level, promote brain and eye development, improve intelligence. It plays an important role in promoting the development of fetal brain and vision. The benefits of the two pregnancy eat bird’s nest bird’s nest is not fat, with different food, eat good, both nourishing and not fat. Mothers regularly edible bird’s nest, can not only enhance their immune ability, not easy to get sick, but also can provide nutrition to the fetus quickly and fully play the role of tocolysis and repair. At the same time, but also can reduce pregnancy reflection, sleep more secure. The benefits of the three pregnancy eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, insist on edible bird’s nest and a big benefit, is beneficial to the mother and the baby’s skin. Rich in water soluble protein, cell division factor and water extract in bird’s nest, can promote cell regeneration, make skin white, smooth, ruddy and shiny, not easy to aging and can regulate endocrine cycle. More worth together, the bird’s nest can inhibit postpartum pigmentation, can reduce stretch marks and cyasma. At the same time, the baby bird’s nest is not only healthy, bone hard, and the skin just peel the egg shell like white finish. The benefits of four trace elements and a number of human bird’s nest is rich in protein required for pregnancy eat bird’s nest, and plays an important role in the human activity of lysine, cysteine and arginine. Pregnant women to eat bird’s nest, not only to the needs of large body complement nutrition supply, but also weakened the reflection of pregnancy, sleep more soundly, look more rosy, cyasma reduced, appear to be more beautiful; bird’s nest tonic but not fat, helps to restore the good figure of prenatal, postpartum suppressed pigmentation, no wonder many female stars are pregnant eating bird’s nest. If the pregnancy loss of appetite, also can be in a stew of bird’s nest, add milk, honey, Soybean Milk porridge, lotus root starch, edible, can conducive to maternal nutrition absorption, taste will be better. Pregnant women to eat bird’s nest principle in the first three months of pregnancy in early pregnancy (0 12 weeks) said in early pregnancy. This stage is an important period of fetal differentiation, it can be said that the fetus "differentiation and assembly forming" period. At this time the nutritional supplement is essential. You can try it alone eating bird’s nest, eating during the bogey spicy and greasy food, eat much food less, eat regularly. 3-5 grams per day, or the next day, once a day, fasting food consumption can be. Mid pregnancy.相关的主题文章: