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News-and-Society We the people of Saint Jean Baptiste Parish, in the heart of New York City, are called to live and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the celebration of the Eucharist, adoration, and Christian service. We strive to build a community of faith by the recognition of the God-given dignity of each person and the sacredness of human life from its beginning until its end. We collaborate freely through the use of time, talent, and treasure to be a parish of true stewardship and human development. In this way, the life of the church will be made manifest and the kingdom of God will be advanced. This mission statement is a result of the dedication of one of the original pastor of Gods people. John the Baptist is the last of the Jewish prophets and a forerunner of Jesus Christ. He was born to old parents, under miraculous circumstances, and he was dedicated into Gods service, as possibly a Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church , since birth. A pastor or religious leader had a part in declaring his birth. John the Baptist was a Nazirite, and lived in the wilderness. He is one of the most fascinating figures in the Gospel, even without viewing him as the original pastor. Many of his contemporary religious leaders or other pastor would have seemed very conservative when compared to John the Baptist who was uncompromising and aggressive. However, the crowds were drawn to him, even though his eloquence and sermons were not those of a typical pastor. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, and yet he continued to be a most humble pastor and leader of people. He recognized that he was only a forerunner for the Messiah. In fact, when he baptized Jesus, perhaps as His pastor, he stated, I am not worthy to carry his sandals (Matthew 3:11). In other words, he stepped aside, as pastor or leader, so that the True Leader could take front and center. Sadly, John died a tragic death at the hands of the infamous Herodias, who was tricked by a woman named Salome into granting her one wish after she danced for Herodias on his birthday. Salome asked for John the Baptists head, and Herodias granted her wish. This was the end of the life of an extraordinary pastor, or servant of God, who blazed the trail for the Lord. As a pastor, John told the people to keep looking out for the Lamb of God. He prophesied Jesus own death for the redemption of the world. This is an important piece of what a pastor or priest is called to do for the people of God. There are two holy days dedicated to the celebration of John the Baptist, the Nativity of John the Baptist on June 24th, and the Martyrdom of John the Baptist on August 29th. Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church has a special memento of the patron of our parish available for those who are interested. John the Baptist was the only pastor or prophet who baptized Jesus. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: