Private schools hiding public school sharing the first floor is not strictly separated zuczug

Private schools where public schools share a building is not strictly separated from the original title: private schools where public schools China Daily (reporter Yang Lingxun Wen Wei Cheng) with a large campus, hanging in front of the two plate, a public school, a private school. Recently, insiders broke the news, in Yangling have a cram school, the first junior high school in xingzhi. According to regulations, this practice is not allowed. Yangling District Education Bureau: October 25th the two classes are not in the same building, the China Daily reporter arrived at the village in the village of Yang in the first junior high school, saw the school gate hung on both sides of the two brands, which are "Yang in the first junior high school" and "Xi’an Xingzhi school". Enter the school gate, there are two buildings on the left, before the building is the first junior high school teaching building, after the floor is Xingzhi school buildings, but also part of Xingzhi school office and teaching in the first junior high school teaching building. The students under the guidance of the China Daily reporter saw the cram school teaching vice president Ms. Tian, the first junior high school in the teaching building on the three floor. She said: "after I retire help management of teaching affairs, teaching qualifications in our place in the office." Subsequently, the China Daily reporter Tian as vice president to another office, see Zhang Yang Ling District Xingzhi cram school private non enterprise unit registration certificate issued by the Yangling District Civil Affairs Bureau, January 8, 2015, the other one is the school license of private schools filled in by hand, shown above for full-time classes in schools, educational content is full-time in the university entrance exam, South Hospital junior middle school third new bridge road address is Yangling district. Xingzhi cram school principal Zhao said: "the previous third junior high school is located in the District, the implementation of the project after the kindergarten, in the area of leadership and education consultation, the school moved to the place now, part of the funds every year in Yangling District Education Bureau took public junior high school and cram school grants. We signed a 5 year lease, there is no violation." The first junior high school a teacher told China Daily reporter: Xingzhi school moved, we have a great impact on the teaching life, nearly 200 people, eat special twist, toilet is not clean!" Yangling District Bureau of education section chief of the China Daily reporter Wang Xingzhi said: cram school after the approval of bureau of education opened, cram schools and public schools are separated, not in the same class teaching building, office area is divided. Yang Ling District SASAC collect rent, there is no loss of state assets. Reporter to verify: two schools share a building not strictly separate teaching but the China Daily reporter saw Yang in the first junior high school a total of three storey building, one or two floor to the first junior high school teaching, the third layer belongs to the Xi’an Xingzhi cram school, two schools were not strictly separate teaching. China Daily reporter learned from the Provincial Department of education, in accordance with the relevant provisions of public schools are not allowed to attract, accept or lease to any private school for any reason, including teachers. Private schools can do, but to a certain distance from public schools, public schools can not affect the normal teaching order. The Ministry of education and the provincial education departments are clearly defined, assisted 7相关的主题文章: