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Progress in the New York bombings suspects: don’t want to be alive up new network new network in September – 22 in prison life Xinhua comprehensive report, the United States of New York and New Jersey, and the bomb exploded after the suspects were arrested multiple charges, investigation is ongoing. There are more cases will be exposed, the authorities found the suspect Rahami on a diary, showed he did not want to be alive, to be a martyr, the terrorist organization also praised the "base" of late leader Laden. New Jersey police suspect Rahami’s big head. The court documents also show that Rahami in the past two months, has repeatedly through the auction site eBay to buy bomb materials, and had committed crimes in the two days before the home test. A total of 10 to be charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction and other crimes, the highest possible life imprisonment. Hunted by the police during Monday lahmi and shot in critical condition after surgery but stable, the police failed to question him. New York and New Jersey prosecutors yesterday were put to him 4 and 6 charges, including the use of weapons of mass destruction, blow up public places, fire or explosive destruction of property and attempted murder. The White House spokesman Ernest sued lahmi, the day before yesterday for the first time in "terrorism" to describe the bombing. The content of public praise suspect diary written diary, part of the Laden administration lahmi, which referred to his dissatisfaction with the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, "slaughter" and "Jihad", and expressed admiration for Laden and the 2009 Fort Hood military base shootings mastermind aorangi. The disclosure of details of the bombing of a series of bombings in Manhattan, which is caused by a trash is placed in the pressure cooker bombs, the number of victims in the case by the original 29 people up to 31 people, including a British person. Manhattan police from the scene of the explosion 4 blocks found another pressure cooker bombs, and found in New Jersey Elizabeth 5 pipe bomb, were lahmi fingerprint. The authorities also found that Rahami in July to August, has repeatedly in the eBay public buy bomb materials, including manufacturing fizzy and candy citric acid, printed circuit board (PCB), steel ball and electronic igniter. There are reports quoted investigators say Rahami put the ball, BB, Christmas lights and called a "Tannerite" explosives into the pressure cooker, and then to the folding mobile phone as the fuze, structure and the Boston marathon bombings in the similar pressure cooker bombs. The agent from a mobile phone in lahmi relatives found him in the video display, two days ago, had detonated a flammable device in or near home, loud and flame, do not rule out when he is on the performance test bomb. His wife left UAE beauty officers questioning Rahami whether the separate crime of outside attention. The UAE embassy in Washington said the day before yesterday, the wife of Rahami arcia from Pakistan through the UAE during the attempt to return to the United States to accept U.S. investigators in the United Arab Emirates. News that Rahami Sonmnajiba last month, 24, from the United States to Turkey, West Asia was in June by the United States to Pakistan, temporarily unknown why the sudden departure of the United States two people.相关的主题文章: