Psychology of love and marriage 4 sexy parts bright blind man dog eyes (Figure)

Psychology of love and marriage: 4 sexy parts of the blind man and dog eyes (Figure) 4 sexy parts of the blind man and dog eyes in the eyes of most men, the chest is the most attractive female sexy parts. However, a survey involving 15 countries around the world found that women on the body more specific and more refined parts, allowing men to play the imagination, stimulate sexual desire. Side milk (milk). The United States Apulier relationship experts? Masini said, milk refers to the breast side on both sides near the axillary position, many red carpet actress will be just perfect moderately exposed side of milk. Women may wish to wear a sleeveless vest, appropriate side exposed milk. Two, under the back. The British West Scotland university professor of psychology Stewart? A new study found that Brody, male only a moment, you can judge the opposite sex is attractive, that is the female body curve, and the lower back of the curve plays an important role in. However, this part of the woman is often due to wear, it is difficult to show sexy. Masni said, the woman can reveal the back curve in the lift arms enough height items, or appropriate occasions to wear backless dress. Three, lips. Lips are one of the most attractive facial features in women, according to a study by the University of Manchester. When women apply lipstick, male eyes rest on the lips, eyes and hair of the time was 7 seconds, 0.95 seconds and 0.85 seconds. It is the source of sexy lips, kiss, say love all cannot do without it, bright colors can show sexy lips. Four, cleavage. The height of women’s shirt buttons is an important strategy to determine their sexy. Women wearing a jacket, more than a button to unlock, the degree of its sex will be greatly improved, can bring more potential to the opposite sex. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: