Putian man trapped in the black brick 13 years not rescued her at the end borderland

Putian man trapped in the black brick 13 years not rescued her at the end was the black brick trapped for nearly 13 years of Guo Feng (in) finally reunited with her family 30 years ago, because of poor family, 19 year old Guo Feng alone to go out to work, but when he was 36 years old, Guo Feng cheated to Kunming a black this is a sleepy factory for 13 years. On November 4th, the day of Guo Feng and the family reunion, a "sister" and "brother" out of the deep concern. Reporters yesterday from the Putian city rescue station was informed that Guo Feng was rescued from Kunming sent to Xiamen city rescue station, then returned to Putian, because of the missing years, the account has been canceled, the need to re account. During the 30 years from the black brick factory workers cheated 49 year old Guo Feng, as the Licheng area of Putian North Town Village dingjiang. Guo Feng is the youngest in the family. 30 years ago, due to poor economic conditions at home, only 19 years old Guo Feng left home to work. Guo Feng said that his father died when he was 13 years old, the family by the mother of a person to support the poor economic conditions. In order to reduce the burden on the mother, he wanted to go out to work to earn money. Leave the hometown, the natural family is missing, because the income is not high, Guo Feng home only once, made several calls, greetings home brother and sister, and the love of his mother. In his view, although not earn much money to work outside, but not much to feed themselves. Reporters learned that, during the work, Guo Feng moved to Shenzhen, Hongkong, Harbin, Jilin, Liaoning and other places. At the age of 36, he was a black brick boss flicker, went to Kunming to work, but do not want to be trapped in the factory, the loss of personal freedom, this is a sleepy in recent 13 years. His mother has been miss Guo Feng son suddenly let his family worried without hearing a word about it. Guo Feng’s brother, said Guo Bingzong, before the family had to look around, but when he was working outside, the number of cities removed, I do not know which city to find him, and therefore has not found his whereabouts. "We have to report to the police about the disappearance of the population. We hope the police can help us find him." Guo Bingzong said, but Guo Feng disappeared too suddenly, they had to wait for news. "This is because the black brick checked, the boss was arrested, we only a few workers were rescued, otherwise I won’t be back." Speaking of his trapped experience, Guo Feng seemed excited. He told reporters that he was in the factory every day is overworked, but like several other workers, the money is the boss of control, has not been issued in all, disguised in a brick factory in control. Putian city rescue station Lin Wenrui, when Guo Feng had escaped, that he had no money to eat, no place to stay, so back to the brick factory workers. With the economy under control, he and several workers had to suffer. Until this black brick because of security problems checked, boss was arrested, Guo Feng and several other workers have been rescued. Today, Guo Feng and his family, which makes him feel very lucky. Guo Feng’s brother, Guo Bingzong, said his family had been hoping that Mr Guo Feng would be safe, but that he had not received any information for 13 years, year after year相关的主题文章: