Qionghai suffered heavy rains and a truck in the waist of Haikou slipped into the bridge incubus

Qionghai suffered heavy rains and a truck in Haikou, a truck slipped into the bridge – China News Network by the weak cold air and low-level jet co impact, yesterday, the city of Qionghai to heavy rain storm. At present, Qionghai heavy rain led to a number of sections of water seriously, the local police department in the rain in various sections of water to ease the flow of people and traffic however, still under the rain! According to reporters from the provincial meteorological observatory was informed that today, Qionghai is still heavy rain to heavy rain, until 15 rainfall intensity will be weakened. It is understood that the Qionghai municipal government on the evening of 12 has held an emergency teleconference, the deployment of heavy rainfall defense work.. Reporter correspondent Fan Xiao Tan Jianwu bell Shen Lihuan water is too deep "a world of waters at the school gate yesterday morning, many people call the newspaper said, in Qionghai City Experimental Primary School, Xing Hai Lu culvert, Renmin Road South Garden Road and other roads, because of heavy rain caused serious water. It is reported that Qionghai City Experimental Primary School section has become "a world of waters", the car can not pass the students after school are only gingerly wading home. At present, the police have been set up in the road, guide vehicles bypass shunt. Experimental section of the primary school is every rain will be flooded, water problems have become a piece of heart of the people of Qionghai, every time a storm, parents have to come here early to wait for their children to school." Mr Tsang said the people of Qionghai, I hope the relevant departments to pay attention to the transformation of the road drainage system. The road slippery cement tanker rollover caused 1 dead at 7:30 yesterday, cement tanker rollover accident occurred in the Central Plains town of Xian Zhai in Qionghai City, a man trapped. At 8:10, the fire brigade rescue arrived at the scene to understand, due to continuous heavy rains, causing the road is too slippery, but also make the soft clay road, cement tanker rollover on the side of the canal, a driver was trapped in the cab. Subsequently, rescue officers and soldiers using hydraulic rescue tools, hydraulic shears expansion pliers, hydraulic rams and other rescue equipment to the cab of the cement tanker alternate top support and expansion, dismantling, ensure that there is enough space to rescue, rescue trapped. After more than 1 hours of intense rescue, the driver will eventually transfer, transferred to the 120 ambulance personnel were rescued, unfortunately due to the trapped driver was the weight of the scene by emergency personnel confirmed the trapped driver died. Currently, the traffic police department is investigating the traffic accident. To deal with the police: in the waist in water to ease the flow of reporters from Qionghai city traffic police department was informed that yesterday morning, G98 Haikou Expressway to the direction of Sanya 73 km section of water, water Qionghai City Experimental Primary School Section etc.. Among them, the city Jia Bo Road Culvert and Jiaji high iron rich sea bridge joint first culvert, Renmin Road South Garden and other sections of serious water can not be opened, the traffic police department and the timely release of information through a variety of ways to set the flag at the scene, to remind the past water road vehicles, drivers detour traffic. It is understood that, in order to do a good job in stormy weather traffic control command to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, Qionghai Police Brigade all battle, in the waist of the water in the command of traffic, divert people. Qionghai traffic police reminder, due to heavy rain weather.相关的主题文章: