Quest Fengdu ghost town, I slipped a corner – Sohu tourism in hell

Quest Fengdu ghost town, I slipped a corner – Sohu tourism in hell remember when I was a little doll, the weather forecast is often a place "Fengdu ghost Shrine" at that time, China has been very curious about this place. But feel too remote! Finally, the Yangtze River Cruise, for I finished my long cherished wish! About the ghost town of Fengdu, there are also many folk legends. What is the origin of Fengdu according to the ghost town? Why did the ghost town of Fengdu in Fengdu? About the ghost town of Fengdu, is very much, but generally speaking, a total of four points. One of the origin of the ghost town of Fengdu: Taoism in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the creation of "to teach" Zhang Ling Road, absorbed a lot of witchcraft, later to become the "ghost teach". In 198 ad, Zhang Lu, his grandson, set up Taoism in Fengdu, which became the center of taoism. Later, Taoism and coined the "Luo Feng Shan", said it is North emperor governance ghost Yin Yin, the North emperor is the Taoist seventh center of God, in charge of hell. In the Northern Wei Dynasty geographer Li Daoyuan’s "shuijingzhu" in Fengdu, said in seventy-two of the forty-fifth Taoist paradise. The origin of the ghost town of Fengdu two: Ghost Emperor (the human society said that when the soil of primary) also in ancient times, because science is not developed, the correct explanation when some natural phenomena can not make, think all of this is in charge of by ghosts. Pakistani family and Shu tribe in Diqiang tribe, two tribes. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Fengdu was not the bar, with the continuous contact Sichuan two family, politics and economy, culture and thought, the custom of mutual penetration, and create a common religion of God — this is the soil of primary, the first generation of Bashu Guizu ghost emperor. The ghost emperor lived in you, Fengdu has also left traces of "you". The origin of the ghost town of Fengdu three: the Buddhist "King Yan Luo" said "King Yan Luo" is the Sanskrit transliteration to ancient myths of India in the king of hell. Buddhism follows this statement, called the management of hell devil. The legend of his eighteen judges, eighteen in charge of hell. According to the "all through the sound and meaning", "king of hell" or "equal king", he can equal. The origin of the ghost town of Fengdu four: Wang Chengxian Yin, said that this is Fengdu’s most popular theory. As early as the year 270 or so, Jin Ge Hong in his "biography of God" on the Yin, Wang Chengxian said. Legend in the Han Dynasty, there are two alchemist, a man named Yin Changsheng, Liu Zhao Queen’s great grandfather; a name is Wang Fang Ping, officer to the casual doctor. Because of dissatisfaction with their social status, both to Fengdu practice, in the early years of Wei Qinglong, to become immortal. Later in the Tang Dynasty, the two of them were taking into "Yin king", which is the king of the underworld. We then deliberately rendering with the ruling class, literati and officials through novels, poetry, travelogues and inscriptions are described, such as "journey to the west", "Strange Tales from Liaozhai", "Shuo Yue Quan Zhuan", "western" etc.. Therefore, a comprehensive Fengdu ghost form. It went from illusion to reality, through two thousand.相关的主题文章: