Recommendation at the beginning of the Bundesliga Berlin Herta home court to break the weakness of g-3edyy

Recommendation: at the beginning of the Bundesliga Berlin Herta home court to break the weakness of ginseng – Sohu game time: 2016. 11.05          Saturday   03:30: 0.82    asian handicap   Berlin Herta       0            Monchengladbach; 1.04 European index 2.40      3.20      2.62 match preview last season to play well in Berlin Herta for the club to get a UEFA Champions League tickets, but the beginning of the season qualifying team does not grasp the opportunity, Dan super team was eventually eliminated than Longde cloth. Perhaps out of Europe to the team to lay down the burden, but there are players in the League to play the super standard. If it is not on a war they lost away to Hoffenheim, perhaps the team will continue the Bundesliga games unbeaten. The war moved to the home court, 3 teams must have regarded as the ultimate goal. To cope with their recent three combat team, of course to a reasonable allocation of physical fitness. Week in the Champions League Cup in their home court only 1 1 draw with Celtic, the group is still not too optimistic. But the team’s recent offensive slump, the war to break the Berlin Herta gate easier said than done. It is worth mentioning that the recent 7 confrontation, Borussia 6 wins 1 flat unbeaten, they may restrain opponents play. The Champions League is not smooth, the team in the League to vent their anger. After the game Herta Berlin handicap home court let 0-0.25 to aocai reference as an example, they are even chupan handicap, the index for the Berlin Herta home court four game winning streak, strength is too weak now. Even having pulled up to 0.25, but the discount is still high, but in recent years, Herta has been in Berlin opponents restraint, I do not believe Herta can win in Berlin. Half the recommendation: negative, negative outcome score recommended: 1:3 2:2, Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 01 let the ball Shengping Fu Berlin Herta (-1) recommended: 0 ball, SMG football did not let the ball, recommended: 01 德甲推荐:初参乏力 柏林赫塔主场难破门-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 11.05    星期六    03:30   亚洲盘口: 0.82    柏林赫塔    0    门兴格拉德巴赫    1.04   欧洲指数: 2.40    3.20    2.62   赛事前瞻:   上赛季有出色发挥的柏林赫塔为俱乐部捞到一张欧战入场券,但季初的资格赛球队并无把握机会,最终被丹超球队布隆德比淘汰出局。或许是欧战出局令到球队放下了包袱,球员反而在联赛有超水准发挥。若不是上一战他们客场惜败霍芬海姆,或许球队德甲不败场次还会延续。本战移师主场作战,球队必定视3分为终极目标。门兴近期要应付三线作战,球队当然要合理地分配体能。周中欧冠杯他们主场仅1比1战平凯尔特人,小组出线依然不太乐观。而且球队最近攻击力低迷,本战要攻破柏林赫塔大门谈何容易。值得一提的是,最近7次交锋,门兴取得6胜1平不败战绩,打法上他们或许克制对手。现时欧冠杯不顺,球队更希望在联赛泄愤。   盘口追击   本场比赛柏林赫塔主场让盘0-0.25,以澳彩参考为例,他们初盘是平手盘口,这个指数对于柏林赫塔主场四连胜来说,力度未免太弱了吧。即便是后市拉升到0.25,但上盘折让还是偏高,而且近年交锋柏林赫塔一直被对手克制,笔者不太相信柏林赫塔能够赢球。   半全场推荐: 平 负, 胜 负, 负 平   比分推荐: 1:3, 2:2   北京单场没有让球,推荐:0 1   竞彩让球胜平负柏林赫塔(-1)球,推荐:0   竞彩足球没有让球,推荐:0 1相关的主题文章: