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Travel-and-Leisure If you have ever been to St Petersburg, you maybe know that rental apartments are very popular housing option among the foreigners. It is because such lodging has all the advantages in .parison with a hotel suit, not only domestic .fort, but also all the appliances and devices a tourist needs abroad. Such home-like apartments are good for families and those who .e to St Petersburg for a long stay. Rental properties in St Petersburg are usually situated in the historical center of the city that gives an opportunity to be in a ten-minute walk to work or conference and meeting rooms, places of interest or attractions. Location is an important point in St Petersburg, because the city is situated on the Neva river banks. Drawbridges of the Neva are raised from 1:30 a.m. till 5:30 a.m. and it is impossible to get from one part of the city to another at night. Nevsky prospekt is the main street in St Petersburg; It boasts its chic boutiques, restaurants and hotels. Two other centrally located and fashionable streets are Malaya Morskaya and Bolshaya Morskaya streets. If one finds these luxurious spots too expensive or noisy, there are cozy corners in the center of the city on the embankments of small rivers and canals. Moika, Fontanka and Canal Griboyedova are popular not only with foreign visitors but also with Petersburgers. Private apartments consist of one or more living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Local market offers a long range of rentals: from budget lodging to two-level deluxe apartments. The best apartments are of the same luxury level as five star hotels. Here you will find exclusive room design, panoramic window view, expensive and even antique furniture, spa means. Furnished apartments in St Petersburg have all the basic tools to prepare meals. Such appliances as the dishwashing machine, microwave oven and in-suite laundry will make your life easier and dishware, cookware will help not to fell oneself a guest. All the rooms have enough place, .fort and extra sleeping berth to have guests, equipped with all the modern household devices like cable TV and internet – to be in the swim. Apartments can be rented by the day or on the long terms with the help of real estate agencies or property management .panies. On-line lodging reservation will save time and money. Generally apartment rental agencies offer minimum of ac.modation services like housekeeping and change of the bed linen. It is also re.mended to talk over safety issues when booking, as concierge service is not frequent in St Petersburg. Some agencies offer additional services at extra cost: car rentals, private guided tours, ticket reservation, translation service and so on. Rental apartment is the best housing option for businessmen or tourists who are get used to all sorts of conveniences and high-class services. This kind of ac.modation is also good for travellers with families preferring high level of .fort and privacy. Copyright (c) 2010 Oleg Shkaruta About the Author: 相关的主题文章: