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Sexuality The POW/MIA flag is an American icon that has great depth in meaning. As you drive down the street and see somebody properly displaying the black and white flag, think about what it truly represents. Courageous men and women, heroes, who both risked their reside or misplaced their lives to protect our freedoms we enjoy in America. Most of us could not start to know what it will have been like to either be lacking in motion, or a prisoner of war. An interesting truth concerning the POW/MIA flag is that it’s not trademarked. Which suggests anyone can reproduce it. In 1970, Annin & Co. designed and manufactured the POW/MIA flag. They determined to be additional generous, in order that they didn’t copywrite or trademark the design, thus permitting any flag manufacturer the ability to make and sell the extremely reverenced design. The POW/MIA flag has several flag show rules distinctive to it. Here are among the main points of POW/MIA flag etiquette and rules of display: 1) When flying the POW/MIA flag on the same pole because the American flag, it should be the identical dimension or one size smaller than the American flag and be flown simply beneath the Nationwide Colors. 2) When the POW/MIA flag is to be displayed as a part of a gaggle of flagpoles, it might both be displayed on its own flagpole or again beneath the U.S. flag. A state flag could also be displayed by itself on the second flagpole, to the right of the American and POW flags as you face the building and flagpoles. three) On Half Workers days: Peace Officers Memorial Day (Might 15th), Memorial Day (the final Monday in Might – from sunrise till noon), Patriot Day (September eleventh), Pearl Harbor Memorial Day (December 7th), and on other days as directed by the President of the United States – the POW/MIA should also be lowered to half staff along with the National Colors. four) POW/MIA Flag Recognition Day is noticed on the Third Friday of each September. On POW/MIA Remembrance Day, the POW/MIA flag should not be lowered to half employees, however must be flown (especially over the next locations) at full employees together with the U.S. flag: the Capitol and the White House in Washington, DC, the Korean Warfare and Vietnam Veterans Struggle Memorials, every National Cemetery, any constructing containing the official places of work of the Secretary of State, the workplaces of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the workplaces of the Director of the Selective Service System, each main military set up, each VA Medical Heart, and each Submit Office. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: