Russia has developed a computer that can control 10 UAVs simultaneously-ratatouille

Russia developed can simultaneously control 10 unmanned computer – Beijing, Beijing, February 11, according to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian instrument manufacturing company (UIMC) news spokesman Jin told reporters, Wei and radio engineering company show that the UAV control system modernization, the system can simultaneously control of 10 aircraft and land-based robots. According to reports, local time 10 days, "the latest robotic technology exhibition" in the first "Russian army automation" within the framework of military science seminar in Moscow, "Patriot" kicked off in the park. Huo Jin said: "the Vega radio engineering company show can simultaneously control the UAV program and land robot modernization in the exhibition, the control system is built based on KamAZ-43118 of the car." He said that the system has drones and robots for the operator console, and is equipped with 5 automatic work machine. At the same time control 10 drones and robots can land the equipment by high performance computer. It is reported that the deployment of the mobile console time does not exceed 15 minutes.

俄罗斯研发出可以同时控制10架无人机的电脑 -中新网   中新网2月11日电 据俄罗斯卫星网报道,俄罗斯仪器制造联合公司(UIMC)新闻发言人霍津向记者表示,韦加无线电工程公司展示出现代化的无人飞行器控制系统,该系统可同时控制10架无人机以及陆地机器人。   据报道,当地时间10日,“机器人技术最新成就展”在首届“俄罗斯军队自动化”军事科学研讨会框架内于莫斯科州的“爱国者”公园内拉开序幕。   霍津说:“韦加无线电工程公司在展会上展示出现代化的可同时控制无人机以及陆地机器人的程序系统,该控制系统在KamAZ-43118汽车的基础上建造。”   他介绍称,该系统拥有无人机和机器人的控制台,并为操作人员装备有5个自动化的工作机位。通过该装备的高性能电脑可以同时控制10架无人机和陆地机器人。   据悉,部署该移动控制台的时间不超过15分钟。相关的主题文章: